Bachelor of Science in
Meteorology/Applied Meteorology

No matter what the weather is like, each day at ERAU will be a new and exciting challenge for its students in the Bachelor of Science in Meteorology and Applied Meteorology programs. In fact, students provide weather forecasting support for ERAU’s flight-training fleet and the campus community. ERAU students benefit from access to an experienced faculty, state-of-the-art weather forecasting and observation equipment, and hands-on experience.

The opportunities for meteorologists are significantly greater than the reporters seen on television. An ERAU graduate’s career can take a variety of challenging and rewarding directions.

The U.S. government remains the largest employer of meteorologists in the country. Beyond government positions, there is a significant demand for weather consultants in climate-sensitive industries such as farming, commodity investing, utilities, and insurance, to name a few.

Retail companies that operate nationally employ meteorologists to consult on distribution of certain products in different regions at different times of the year.

Students will acquire hands-on experience in small classes, where they’ll analyze weather patterns and conduct field observations.

The small class size will provide distinct advantages that students will grow to appreciate as an undergraduate in research, broadcasting, forecasting, and scientific analysis.

The programs meet all requirements put forth by the American Meteorological Society (AMS), National Weather Service, and U.S. Air Force to ensure that ERAU graduates learn the professional skills necessary to meet U.S. Office of Personnel Management Qualification Standards for Meteorologists.

Students can join the Weather Club, a student chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Affiliation with this national organization will provide valuable networking opportunities at professional gatherings, including international meteorological seminars and conventions.