Bachelor of Science in
Operational Meteorology

Reading or watching the daily weather report fascinates you, but you have always wanted to know more about the phenomena that affect everyone every day. You are also curious about how weather affects other systems on our planet and weather’s effect on humanity.

You want to be able to apply this knowledge in a way that makes a difference. Whether you report to the public, analyze flight conditions, provide information for military operations, or predict weather events, the information you provide has impact.

At Embry-Riddle, you will learn skills to accomplish your goals — you will apply meteorological knowledge in significant ways. You will acquire hands-on experience in small classes, where you’ll analyze weather patterns and conduct field observations. The opportunities for meteorologists are significantly greater than the reporters you see on television. As a professional, your career can take a variety of challenging and rewarding directions.


About Operational Meteorology at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

The Bachelor of Science degree in Operational Meteorology is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to explore a variety of atmospheric phenomena with an emphasis on impacts to operations. Using our new, fully equipped Weather Center, students learn to exploit complex weather products to improve operational decision-making. 

Graduates will be competitive for a variety of professional careers including aviation weather support, commercial airline dispatching, broadcasting, and emergency management, depending on their area of concentration and selected minor. Students completing this degree will meet all U.S. Office of Personnel Management Qualification Standards for a Meteorological Technician.

The Bachelor of Science in Operation Meteorology degree is housed in the Applied Aviation Sciences Department of the College of Aviation.

The typical first year Operational Meteorology student will study general education and aviation courses like English composition and College Mathematics for Aviation along with Survey of Meteorology.

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Degree Summary

120 Credits

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