Bachelor of Science in
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science

Embry-Riddle is one of just a few universities in the country to offer a bachelor’s degree in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Science. Because ERAU is the nexus of aviation education, students benefit from much more than prestige; they learn from experienced faculty who share firsthand knowledge in aviation and who are at the forefront in the developing field of unmanned aircraft. Currently, there are few UAS professionals because this field is so new. Used primarily in military, firefighting, disaster relief, and law enforcement applications, the future of this field has seemingly limitless potential.

Select from the Pilot track (in which flight ratings for private, commercial, and instrument will be earned) or the Operator track (for sensor operators, mission planners, and others not flying the aircraft).

Students study the spectrum of the field including hazardous operations, government regulations, surveillance, data collection, and even the engineering aspects of UAS.

Because of the nature of the technical knowledge to which students are exposed, this degree is only open to those students who are U.S. citizens.