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Master of Science in
Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability

While slowing global warming is a big technology challenge for the aviation and aerospace industries in the 21st century, sustainability affects more than the environmental bottom line. Government organizations and the aviation/aerospace industry are allocating vast resources to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and keep the industry growing. To propel the movement, a new forward thinking group of experts are urgently needed. If you’re ready to make a significant difference in creating a cleaner and more robust aviation/aerospace industry for generations to come, Embry-Riddle’s online Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability will place you at the forefront.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts exponential growth and income in sustainability-focused careers, and the aviation and aerospace industries are clamoring for well-trained practitioners. Our goal is not to provide you with a new skillset, but to enhance your current expertise by  equipping you with the tools to make better cradle-to-cradle decisions in any facet of the industry.

From designing new fuels to installing solar panels to diversifying the workforce to improving the supply chain pipeline, large aviation and aerospace companies are integrating sustainability into their business models at every level. The MSAAS curriculum gives you the skills and knowledge to join the ranks of these pioneers while contributing to the safety of our future.

You’ll learn the skills and methods necessary to implement sustainable practices in the aviation/aerospace industries and beyond. Core classes cover unique sustainability perspectives, and you can choose to specialize in either Sustainable Systems, geared toward engineering and technical development of new or existing aviation or aerospace systems, or Sustainable Management if you’re interested in workforce, administrative or financial strategies which are critical to the success of any company’s sustainability efforts. Additionally, you have the opportunity to apply your skills in a capstone project by identifying and creating innovative solutions to a real-world problem.


About Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The MSAAS is the only MS in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability currently offered by an American university, and Embry-Riddle is proud to offer this unique degree in a flexible and convenient online format. With a global and highly experienced faculty spanning a variety of disciplines, 24/7 access to classes, and a vigorous online community, you’ll have the freedom to learn, collaborate with peers, and explore on your schedule. This one of a kind degree is designed around your life.

In the program, aviation and aerospace sustainability is examined from two perspectives: that of aviation and aerospace industries as business entities needing to remain viable and as value-added partners in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for conservation or renewability of the world’s resources.

Graduates of the program can use their education to achieve careers such as:

  • Aviation planning manager
  • Environmental, health & safety manager
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Aviation consultant
  • Regulatory specialist
  • Aviation logistics and supply chain manager

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