Master of Science in
Aviation Finance

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Master of Science in Aviation Finance (MSAF) degree is designed for students whose interest lies in the operations and financial aspects of the aviation industry.

Students with backgrounds in business, accounting, finance, or economics, can enjoy the potential that earning the Master of Science in Aviation Finance at Embry-Riddle can deliver.

The MSAF program at ERAU is unique in its focus on the aviation and aerospace industries — though the principles learned extend to industries beyond those as well.

This new graduate program offered through the College of Business is the first degree of its kind for air transportation financial professionals.

The program addresses an increasingly important need of the global air transport industry: specialists who understand the ongoing evolution of aircraft funding practices.

Students will learn from an experienced faculty on topics including operations and risk management to monetary policies and economic strategies used by commercial firms and regulators in the global aviation industry.

With our online educational opportunities and more than 130 Worldwide locations, students have the flexibility to learn at a campus near them or even in their own home.


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