Engineering Physics

Professor Zettergren discusses projects with his students.

Our atmosphere is not your limit. You recognize the value in continuing excellence and pursuing a graduate or doctoral degree in Engineering Physics. With your passion for research and your physics expertise, you will join a program ready to take you to the outer reaches of our collective knowledge.

The advanced degree programs in Engineering Physics will provide the opportunity to collaborate with foremost experts in the field, many of whom have been awarded research grant funding for important research projects.

Whether you’ve recently earned your undergraduate degree or you have professional experience, our master’s program is well suited in either situation.

The Ph.D. in Engineering Physics offers exciting opportunities to build upon the research that is being carried out in the Department of Physical Sciences including remote sensing, and the design and implementation of electro-optical and radar systems, for example.

At either level, you will emerge from your program with expertise in Applied Physics, as it pertains to Space Science and Engineering Physics.

Prescott Campus

Prescott, AZ, Campus





Daytona Beach Campus

Daytona Beach, FL, Campus




Master of Science in Engineering Physics

ERAU’s Daytona Beach Campus is a nucleus for research and collaborative learning experiences.

You will have the opportunity to work in teams to design, develop, test and build instruments for spacecraft and ground-based operations, create advanced lab instrumentation, or construct computer models of the Earth’s atmosphere.

You will work in the campus’ laboratories such as the Atmospheric Physics Research Lab, Control Design Lab, 1-meter Ritchey-Chretien Reflecting Telescope, Space Physics Research Lab, and Laboratory for Exosphere and Near-Space Environment Studies (LENSES).


Ph.D. in Engineering Physics

This program provides advanced education and research opportunities to exceptional students by providing a research environment that fosters collaboration and creative thinking, with research findings published in nationally recognized journals.

Worldwide Campus

Worldwide Campus and Embry-Riddle Online





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The students who seek graduate and post-graduate studies in Engineering Physics at ERAU appreciate the emphasis our programs have on Space Physics and Space Systems Engineering.

Through our Master of Science in Engineering Physics program, you’ll develop the skills and knowledge necessary to design spacecraft systems for research. Your focus will be in studies that emphasize scientific instrumentation, applied optics, remote sensing, spacecraft subsystems, controls, and robotics/autonomous systems.

The Ph.D. in Engineering Physics provides more advanced education and research opportunities culminating in publication in leading scientific journals.

You will benefit from ERAU’s expert faculty who guide immersive learning and are themselves active researchers in space science and engineering.

Students work to design a high performance single engine airplane that can go from Florida to DC in under 4 hours with only one stop.


The constant achievements and advancement of scientific knowledge increase the demand for highly trained scientists and engineers with specialized skills. Opportunities abound in computing, space education, medicine, robotics, software engineering, system administration, and general engineering.

Engineering Physics graduates are in-demand candidates for careers in the following professions and with the following industry leaders: