Ph.D. in
Aviation Business Administration

The United States exports of aviation products and services ranks **. The Embry-Riddle Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration program allows highly qualified students and professionals from diverse backgrounds and aviation career paths to immerse themselves in this high-powered world of aviation business.

As the first Ph.D. program to focus on the business aspects of the aviation industry, this degree is designed to educate students and professionals in conducting state-of-the-art research in all areas of this important field of study.

The program has been designed to accommodate working professionals who seek to advance their knowledge and conduct high-quality research in aviation business while being employed. It’s designed to be a rewarding program for industry, military and government professionals with academic credentials, high potential, and a passion for aviation business research.

The flexible, mainly off-campus and online delivery of this program enables students to continue their profession while pursuing their doctoral degrees. Domestic or international students with a prior Master’s degree are eligible to be accepted into the Ph.D. program.

The Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration is a 60-credit hour program that can be completed in as few as three years, depending on the Master’s degree and pace of study.

The curriculum is designed to challenge students’ knowledge as they gain valuable insight into research methods.


Students are required to complete a one-week residency per year. The residencies are scheduled during mid-August and are approximately one week long (Monday-Friday).

Application Deadline

Deadline for applications to the program is May 1. Only completed applications are reviewed and therefore should be carefully and thoroughly prepared.


About Aviation Business Administration at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

The Ph.D. in Aviation Business Administration program in the College of Business at ERAU takes place as part of the world’s largest aviation-oriented university. Faculty members of ERAU’s Daytona Beach Campus have extensive experience in graduate education and cutting-edge research.

The 60 required credit hours can be completed in as few as three years and are spread over aviation business core classes, research methods and quantitative models, electives, and a Ph.D. dissertation.

The breakdown of this degree program is as follows:

  • Core aviation business courses – 15 credit hours.
  • Quantitative skills and research methods – 9 credit hours.
  • Research seminars and dissertation – 36 credit hours.

Students who have completed their MBAs at an ERAU campus are exempted from taking the 15-hours core courses.

Qualifying Exam

Once a student has met course requirements, they are required to pass the Qualifying Exam specifically crafted based on their research proposals and completed coursework.


The dissertation is the largest and most significant component of this degree program.  The Ph.D. degree program is designed to promote research in aviation business administration. Students are expected to contribute to advancing the knowledge of aviation business through their research and dissertations leading to journal publications and conference proceedings while in the program.

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The application to the Ph.D. program in aviation business administration is competitive. The students’ credentials are assessed and reviewed with the pool of applicants in the year they are applying.

Students are admitted only during the fall term each year with the residency occurring in August.

The application packages should be carefully and thoroughly prepared and completed no later than May 1.

Highlights of applicant requirements for the Ph.D. program in Aviation Business Administration include:

  • A completed master’s degree in Business Administration or other disciplines.
  • Superior academic records as determined by the College of Business Doctoral Degree Program committee.
  • A requirement to have taken either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) within the last five years and acceptable scores on both quantitative and verbal sections as determined by the Doctoral Degree Program committee.
  • Satisfaction of English language proficiency as determined by the University for international students.

An online interview through technology (such as Skype) will be conducted for students who are on the short list of promising candidates. The interview will be conducted by the Ph.D. program committee members to assess students’ motivations, research interests and academic desires.

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Aviation in Business Administration Ph.D. Facutly Books

Embry-Riddle is the world’s largest aviation-oriented university and the faculty members have extensive experience in graduate education and leading-edge research.

The doctoral faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in aviation and closely related disciplines and in research methods.

These faculty members have extensive teaching, research, and publication records in their disciplines. Faculty at the College of Business  have authored important aviation books in diverse disciplines such operations, economics, finance, strategy and transportation. Many faculty also serve as Editor-In-Chief and editors for major international journals.

Degree Summary

60 Credits

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