IRB Members and Contacts

The activities for the protection of human subjects in research for Embry-Riddle fall under the University Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.
Dr. Michael Hickey
Dr. Michael Hickey
University Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Institutional Official and Director of IRB


Teri Gabriel
Teri Gabriel
Assistant Director of Research and IRB Assistant Director


Embry-Riddle has a Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number FWA00018875 and complies with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Human Research Protection regulations under The Common Rule and Subparts B, C, and D of 45 CFR 46 This ensures that whenever this institution engages in research to which this Assurance applies, it will comply with the Terms of the Federal-wide Assurance.

Embry-Riddle's Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research (IRB) is registered with the Department of Health & Human Services, Number IRB00005186. Click here to download Embry-Riddle's IRB Organizational Chart.

Michael Wiggins
, Chair

Dept. Chair & Professor, Aeronautical Science
Daytona Beach, Florida Campus

Robin Roberts
Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership
Worldwide Campus

Haydee Cuevas, Scientist
Assistant Professor, Doctoral Studies
Daytona Beach, Florida Campus

Shawn Doherty, Scientist
Associate Professor, Human Factors and Systems
Daytona Beach, Florida Campus

Beth Blickensderfer, Co-Chair
Associate Professor, Human Factors and Systems
Daytona Beach, Florida Campus

David Keck
Daytona Beach, Florida Campus

Charles Sevastos, Ex-Officio Advisory Member
General Counsel
Daytona Beach Campus

Interim Dean, Assoc. Professor, Aeronautical Science
Prescott, Arizona Campus

Rene Herron
Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Worldwide Campus

Cheri Marcham
Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics
Worldwide Campus  

Steven G. Miles, M.D., Non-affiliated
Radiology Associates, PA
Daytona Beach, Florida 

Ram Nayar, Non-affiliated
Retired Daytona State College
Daytona Beach, Florida 

Daniel M. McCune, Ex-Officio
Advisory Member
Assoc. Vice President for Safety, Daytona Beach, Florida