Ninety years of innovation has earned Embry-Riddle a solid reputation as the world’s leader in aviation and aerospace education. Throughout 2016 there will be many chances to revel in nostalgia and experience the festivities commemorating Embry-Riddle’s 90th Anniversary, and it is during this time that we challenge you to engage in the Embry-Riddle of today and discover all that we have to offer.

As we steer the university into the final decade leading to our 100th Anniversary, we have the perfect opportunity to envision--and ultimately reach--where and what we aspire to be when our centennial arrives. The “Opportunity of the Centennial” is an opportunity to engage for the future of Embry-Riddle that won’t be complete without YOU—alumni, industry leaders, students, faculty and staff. The time is now to build on the university’s strong legacy to support future generations of Eagles.

Our long and prestigious history was built on a bold vision, tolerance for risk and responsiveness to a dynamic industry — all of which contributed to the strong position we enjoy today. Barnstormer John Paul Riddle and businessman T. Higbee Embry laid the foundation for that vision, which has produced more than 120,000 alumni that drive innovation across the aerospace industry and beyond. As we salute the visionaries of our past we ask that you join us in committing to sustaining the university of tomorrow.

Embry-Riddle Organizational Chart

Embry-Riddle Mission and Vision