Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration

Opportunities in Business are unlimited, and there are a variety of interests one can pursue to ensure a lucrative and rewarding career in business. When you pursue a Business Administration degree at Embry-Riddle, you’ll graduate with a strong business foundation as well as an in-depth study of specifics in the area you elect. You will be prepared to join a company or launch your own.

ERAU has evolved its Business programs beyond its roots in aviation. Several challenging majors offer state-of-the-art curricula with a global perspective to prepare students for positions domestically and abroad. You’ll gain a strong foundation in business that will provide insight and foresight into negotiating the complexities of the business world.

The education you’ll receive as a student in the Business Administration degree program will provide a broad opportunity in a variety of business specializations, particularly those requiring advanced skills in management, finance and accounting.

The University’s close affiliation with companies that serve the aviation, aerospace, and global industries, provides students with additional business career options for consideration.

Choose from a major in Management, Marketing, or Accounting & Finance — all of which will prepare you for a challenging and rewarding business career.


About Business Administration at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

Embry-Riddle’s Business Administration degree program helps students combine a strong understanding of business principles with an in-depth study of aviation, along with general education courses that will give them a well-rounded background necessary to succeed in business. Graduates are prepared to help aviation and aerospace businesses meet the challenges they face in this constantly evolving industry.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree is housed in the Department of Management, Marketing, & Operations in the College of Business.

Students will benefit from our location adjacent to the Daytona Beach International Airport, where they will get firsthand experience.

The Daytona Beach Campus also features an Applied Aviation Simulation Lab and the Total Airport & Airspace Modeler (TAAM) Lab, which simulates airport operations to “test” the impact of planned changes (new runways, altered flights, etc.).

Students beginning this program will study aviation and related courses like Principles of Aeronautical Science along with principles of management, computer systems, and economics, along with general education courses like communication, mathematics, and humanities.

For exceptionally qualified students, Embry-Riddle offers a combined program that allows well-qualified students the chance to begin graduate work toward their Master of Business Administration (MBA) while finishing their B.S. in Business Administration. See the bachelor's-to-master's catalog page.

The Business Administration program offered by the College of Business at ERAU's Daytona Beach campus has been accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

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Degree Summary

120 Credits

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