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Graduate Certificate in
Unmanned Systems

This online program addresses technology, policy and new developments in autonomous air, sea, land and space systems, and allows students to earn 12 graduate credits.

Unmanned systems are revolutionizing business, defense, and transportation. Industry leaders need to understand unmanned technology, the constraints and opportunities it presents, and the regulatory landscape that supports it.

Embry-Riddle’s Unmanned Systems graduate certificate is for working professionals within the unmanned industry and in industries that will be affected by unmanned technology, including aviation, transportation, retail, remote sensing, emergency response, and defense.

This program will help students understand the dynamic world of unmanned systems, including air, sea, and land.


About Unmanned Systems at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Unmanned Systems graduate certificate is an online 12-credit program. Curriculum addresses technology, policy, and cutting edge developments in air, sea, land, and space systems. Additionally, students earn 12 graduate-level credits, which go towards a master’s degree at Embry-Riddle. This program leads students towards the online Master of Science in Unmanned Systems degree by taking 18 additional graduate credits. 

The Unmanned Systems graduate certificate is for students who are advancing their careers within the unmanned industry or seeking to expand their knowledge of how unmanned systems will affect other industries, including transportation, logistics, defense, manufacturing, emergency response, and others.


12 Credits

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