Master of Aviation Maintenance

Master of
Aviation Maintenance

In this online program, students are prepared to become competent supervisors and managers for aviation maintenance programs anywhere in this global industry.

Graduates with a Master of Aviation Maintenance degree from Embry-Riddle depart with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective professionals and leaders within the aviation maintenance industry.

Our faculty are passionate about aviation and work diligently to shape the next generation of aviation maintenance leaders through an extensive look into project management, logistics, leadership, managerial accounting, and more.

The Master of Aviation Maintenance is ideal for aspiring employees looking to launch their career and effectively lead their teams to success.


About Aviation Maintenance at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Master of Aviation Maintenance degree program prepares Embry-Riddle Worldwide students to be competent supervisors and managers for aviation maintenance programs in the dynamic and highly complex aviation global industry.

Students develop a practical and analytical approach to problem-solving that meets the challenges of managing and leading aviation maintenance organizations across the world.

Comprised of 30 credit hours, this online degree program provides knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for students to become effective professionals, leaders, team members, managers, and undertake lifelong learning for continuing professional development.

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30 Credits

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