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Master of
Entrepreneurship in Technology

Entrepreneurs enjoy freedom, creativity, the chance to make a fortune, and the opportunity to change the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of bringing a new technology to fruition, the Embry-Riddle Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology is your chance to apply your creativity to solve real-world problems. The U.S. aviation and aerospace industries need groundbreaking innovation to stay competitive and prosperous. The field’s most inventive minds have come together to create a unique degree program for the next leaders of this revolution. Imagine exploring cutting-edge ventures while learning how to build and market your ideas. You’ll have the opportunity to apply your skills and vision in a structured, collaborative setting designed to help you soar.

The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicle systems — great discoveries come from applying unorthodox thinking to solve the world’s problems. By providing the tools you’ll need to bring your technological innovations to life, the Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology — available as one of Embry-Riddle's online programs — provokes daring thought and fosters practical application within the aviation/aerospace industry. You’ll explore, identify, and develop technology that targets today’s most urgent challenges while analyzing and creating business models to market your ideas successfully.   


About Entrepreneurship in Technology at the Worldwide & Online Campus

Cutting-edge resources, award-winning faculty with start-up experience, and invaluable industry partnerships are all available to you through the Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology. Core classes include training in entrepreneurship, leadership, and technical application.

You’ll specialize in your choice of one of the following:

  • Unmanned Aerospace Systems
  • Space Systems
  • System Engineering
  • Information Systems Security
  • Management Information Systems

So whether you want to join an existing company working on innovative solutions or start your own venture, Embry-Riddle’s Master of Entrepreneurship in Technology will help take you there. 

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30 Credits

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