Past, Present, and Future

When our program began 10 years ago, we started with one academy in one high school. Since then, our program includes over 85 high schools with thousands of participating students.

Our institute offers 39 courses with AS 220: Unmanned Aircraft Systems and AS 121: Private Pilot Operations as our most popular courses.

AS 220: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (3 College Credits)

Course Description: Students will learn the history of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), examine current military and commercial applications, and use teamwork to solve a real-world problem flying an iPad-controlled AR drone quadricopter with onboard HD video recorder.

Careers: Our Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Unmanned Aircraft are our fastest-growing majors. By 2025, nearly 104,000 new high-paying jobs will be created as unmanned aerial vehicle use expands to agriculture monitoring, law enforcement, emergency medical services, wildfire mapping, wildlife protection, disaster management, and aerial imaging.

AS 121: Private Pilot Operations (5 College Credits)

Course Description: This is an FAA-approved ground school that gives students the aeronautical knowledge required for a certificate as a private pilot.

Careers: The airline industry hiring boom has begun, with nearly one million new pilots and maintenance technicians needed by 2032.

FLDOE Industry Certification: Upon course completion, students can take the FAA Private Pilot Written Examination.

Airline Partnerships: Embry-Riddle has established gateway programs with major airlines such as JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines to give our students a planned pathway from the classroom to an airline cockpit.

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Colleen Conklin
Executive Director, Assistant Professor, Aeronautical Science Department