Zoe Crain

Zoe Crain
President, Student Government Association
Prescott Campus

 In her senior year of high school, Zoe Crain was getting worried that she wasn’t finding the ideal college to fit her needs. Then she learned about Embry-Riddle and everything changed.

She realized that Embry-Riddle’s undergraduate Aerospace Engineering program – ranked No. 1 in the nation by the influential U.S. News & World Report – would be the perfect launching pad for a future career as an astronaut.

“When I saw that Embry-Riddle had an Aerospace Engineering program, I knew I had to apply,” she said. “I was lucky enough to be accepted and I absolutely love my degree program. Since I arrived here I’ve known I’m studying the right thing.”

Besides Aerospace Engineering, Crain is also majoring in Space Physics, now in her fourth year of five at Embry-Riddle’s residential campus in Prescott, Arizona.

Another reason she chose the Prescott Campus is the rugged environment of arid northern Arizona. “It’s a fantastic place to go if you love natural beauty, the great outdoors, and outdoor activities,” she said. “The high desert is quite a contrast to my hometown of Portland, Oregon.”

Ambitious Degree Choices Create Flexible Career Opportunities

Although her number one career goal is to become an astronaut, Crain can also see herself as a satellite engineer for NASA or SpaceX. Her double major will open many career doors for her.

“No matter what, I plan to commit myself to the advancement of space knowledge and technology,” Crain said. “I see Embry-Riddle as a small school with a big goal — to place its graduates in high-level positions wherever they choose to work.”

Even with the workload of two demanding majors, she finds the time to give back to Embry-Riddle as president of the Student Government Association, a position whose duties include representing the students of the Prescott Campus on the university’s Board of Trustees.

In those roles she benefits from interaction with a wide variety of students. “Your classmates are top tier, so you continually learn and grow from them,” she said. “This helps you become a more well-rounded and successful person.”

Crain is definitely well-rounded herself, involved in many campus activities as a member of the choir, drumline, and ballroom dance club while also playing intramural soccer and working at the Women’s & Diversity Center. In the past she was the president of the music club and a housing resident assistant.

University on Right Track with Student-Centric Enhancements

Seeing Embry-Riddle up close through her campus experiences and her service with the SGA and the Board of Trustees, she values the university’s commitment to continual improvement.

“Embry-Riddle is always adding new degree programs to meet the changing requirements of the job marketplace and establishing research partnerships that give students real-world skills,” she said. “Here at the Prescott Campus the students are really excited about the new, state-of-the-art STEM Education Center and planetarium.”

Going forward, Crain suggests that Embry-Riddle can meet the requirements of its students in other ways as well.

“As enrollment continues to rise we have to ensure that rapid growth can be accommodated,” she said. “This includes investing in more on-campus housing, more classrooms, and more professors. I believe Embry-Riddle will make changes as necessary, because the university has prioritized the needs of its students.”