The overall goal of the Global Strategy SIT is to achieve international recognition as the leading aeronautical university through strategic global engagement with business and academia. The plan focuses on two primary strategies to meet this goal:

  1. Environment: Provide an educational and work environment that develops globally competent staff, students and faculty who understand, and excel in, an international discipline.
  2. Locations: Expand ERAU’s global brand by identifying select locations for expansion.

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Global Strategy

To support the achievement of the global strategy goals, the University established a centralized clearinghouse for global, cultural and linguistic assets and programs services in May 2019.

Featured Initiatives

The Global Strategy team looks forward to continuing their efforts in:

  • Pursuing collaborative research and international funding opportunities
  • Developing strategic global partnerships and services
  • Developing and implementing a holistic university digital marketing and communications strategy services that spans the globe

SIT Members

  • Chair Dr. John Watret: Chancellor — Worldwide 
  • Dr. Aaron Clevenger: Asst. Provost and Dean of International Programs — Daytona Beach
  • Sue Macchiarella: Director, Office of Global Engagement — Daytona Beach
  • Bryan Dougherty: Dean, Enrollment Management & Financial Aid — Prescott
  • Javad Gorjidooz: Professor of Finance — Prescott
  • Yi Zhao: Assoc. Dean & Professor of Aerospace Engineering — Daytona Beach
  • Bill Muldoon: Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations — Worldwide
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mathews: Asst. Professor of Aerospace & Occupation — Daytona Beach
  • Meredi Jiloty: Director for Chancellor Operations — Worldwide