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The overall goal of the Student Experience and Success SIT is to create lifetime success – through a holistic approach to student development and success, which transforms the student experience. The plan focuses on four primary strategies to meet this goal:

  1. Success, Persistence and Graduate: Leverage technology to support success early in a student’s career and provide opportunities for enhancing academic performance.
  2. Academic and Advising Experience: Provide transformative engagement with an emphasis on learning excellence and holistic advising (i.e., academic advising, professional socialization, personal development, and relationship building).
  3. Academic Programs and Policies: Ensure programs and policies provide positive impact on student experience and success.
  4. Student Services: Re-imagine and implement services to provide integrated, seamless support and enable self-service access 24x7x365.
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Student Experience and Success

With the goal of streamlining services in a central location and improving the student experience, ERNIE Central was created to serve as the one-stop solution for student services.

The team assists students with questions related to academic records, registration, finances, financial aid and much more.  

Featured Initiatives 

The SIT 2 team has celebrated numerous accomplishments towards transforming the student experience. A few of those include:

  • Implementing ALEKS, an online tutoring and placement tool
  • Launching a retention customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • Conducted a comprehensive self-study on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Transformed academic advising, moving to an embedded professional advisor model rooted in appreciative advising practices
  • Enriched and enhanced existing programs, including tutoring, mentoring training, the University mobile app, and freshman outreach

SIT Members

  • Chair: Lon Moeller, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost – University Administration
  • BJ Adams, Assistant Provost and Dean of Enrollment Management – Daytona Beach
  • Pablo Alvarez, Dean of Students – Worldwide 
  • Cindy Bixler, Associate Vice President, Institutional Efficiency – University Administration
  • Dr. Karen Gaines, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences – Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Kathy Lustyk, Dean, College of Art and Science – Prescott
  • Ken Maddox, Assistant Dean of Students – Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Ron Madler, Dean, College of Engineering – Prescott
  • Tara Matusik, Registrar – Prescott
  • Kathy Moore, Registrar – Daytona Beach
  • Dr. Kadie Hayward Mullins, Executive Director of Administrative Assessment – University Administration
  • Dr. Alan Stolzer, Dean, College of Aviation – Daytona Beach
  • Becky Vasquez, Vice President and Chief Information Officer – University Administration
  • Chris Whippy, Chief Business Officer – Daytona Beach