Strategic Planning

The mission of the Office of Strategic Planning and Analysis is to provide comprehensive, data driven decision support throughout the institution and to facilitate a culture of continuous improvement. The office achieves these outcomes through the performance of the following functions:

Systematic Strategic Planning

As the facilitators of the University Vision, the office of Strategic Planning and Analysis facilitates and documents progress towards its completion. We also provide communication and decision support through comprehensive internal and external analysis.

University Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency Support

Through a process of financial, economic, and operational analysis, this office provides constituents within the University the data, knowledge, and information needed to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness. By promoting the concept of yield management, the office of Strategic Planning and Analysis continues to promote a culture of continuous improvement in both academics and operations.

Analytical Process Development

Strategic Planning and Analysis is constantly working on new ways to analyze and think “outside the box.” By continuously refining our analytical methods, we hope to stay at the forefront of technological and analytical trends in Higher Education.

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Len Brazis
Director, Strategic Planning and Analysis
ISB Annex
Adam Raab
Systems Analyst
ISB Annex