Circuits, Sensor, and Instrumentation Laboratory

The Circuits, Sensors, and Instrumentation Laboratory (CSIL) supports circuit design, fabrication, component testing, and controlled sensor characterization. The key capabilities provided by the CSIL include the ability to (a) design sensor components and integrated systems capable of meeting research needs, (b) fabricate precision circuit components and perform assembly in-house; clean-room assembly may be coordinated through the STL, (c) enable precision measurements to characterize sensors and electronics, and (d) support synergistic research activities with other laboratories.

Core Equipment

  • LPKF U4 for precision laser circuit structuring for high-frequency systems
  • SMD Circuit Assembly supported by LPKF Protoprint (stencils and masks), Protoplace (assisted pick-and-place), and Protoflow Oven (reflow).
  • Reconfigurable large systems test suite of 1100 ft2 (22 ft. by 52 ft.); includes 300 ft2 of reconfigurable RF absorber to reduce RF echoes in tests
  • This lab provides direct access to the AMS-8500 anechoic chamber
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For more information and equipment availability, please contact:

Stephanie A. Miller, Ph.D.
Director, Technology Transfer and Research Park Initiatives