Radar and Communications Laboratory

The Radar and Communications Laboratory (RCL) will develop technologies for the exploitation of electromagnetic signals and provide an in-situ test-bed for sensing instrumentation. The key capabilities provided by the RCL include the ability to (a) thoroughly characterize RF and microwave systems to high frequencies used by radars and spacecraft, (b) manipulate signals in real-time with FPGAs, supported by high-speed analog to digital converters (c) interact with real signals in space with an unobstructed view of the local sky.

Core Equipment

  • Real-time signal processing based on four (4) FPGA processors supported by high-speed ADCs (8x at 5 GS/s or 16x at 2.5 GS/s), on a 10 Gbps network.
  • Signal monitoring testbed including (a) Garmin GDL-88 ADS-B receiver, and (b) GPS-disciplined timing with a Meinberg M/400 timebase.
  • Fully-capable 20 GHz RF laboratory including (a) 4-port 20 GHz Network Analyzer (b) 26.5 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer, (c) 20 GHz RF signal generator, (d) supporting RF signal generators, power supplies, function generators, etc., (e) Infiniuum-S 2.5 GHz Oscilloscope
  • This lab provides direct access to rooftop facilities for antenna and ground station mounting.
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For more information and equipment availability, please contact:

Stephanie A. Miller, Ph.D.
Director, Technology Transfer and Research Park Initiatives