Application and Instructions

All Embry-Riddle faculty, students (graduate and undergraduate), and staff planning to conduct research with human participants must submit an application for review and approval BEFORE starting to advertise, recruit, or conduct research. Only projects that are considered 'research' that "contribute to generalizable knowledge" are required to be reviewed by the IRB. Use the IRB Decision Tree to be sure your project is required to be reviewed by the IRB.

Prior to IRB review the Mandatory CITI Training must be completed. See Mandatory Training for details on how to register and complete the training.

To obtain IRB review of a research project using human participants, submit the online application form along with a consent document and any and all supporting documentation. See the How to complete the Online IRB Application Form for details on submitting your IRB project for review. No research project that involves human subjects may begin prior to receiving approval.


The usual turnaround time for a complete IRB application that does not require full IRB review varies depending upon the level of review and whether or not the application needs further clarification. See Categories of ResearchStudent IRB Process, and/or Faculty IRB Process for more details.

EXTEND the DATE of your already approved project or MODIFY an already approved EXEMPT or EXPEDITED research project:

Approval of EXEMPT or EXPEDITED research is good for ONE year from the date of approval. Therefore, if you have already obtained approval for an EXEMPT research project and wish to extend the dates of the project or have minor changes to the project, complete the Modification of Approved IRB Application form at least one month prior to the approval expiration dateExtension or Changes made after the one year approval period require a new IRB online submission.

Participant Informed Consent Guidelines

Every research project has one or more unique feature and requires a suitably customized informed consent form. Use the Examples under Downloadable Forms to customize your consent document to meet your specific project requirements. It is recommended that adult consent forms for general populations be written at an 8th-grade level to the extent possible, so that all prospective participants can understand the elements of the research well enough to give truly informed consent to participate.

For specially selected research populations who may be educationally disadvantaged, cognitively impaired, or even uniformly well-educated, different assumptions about the right level of complexity may be appropriate. Assent forms for minors (under 18 years of age) should be written in language that is developmentally appropriate to the age of the children. High school students should be able to understand the adult version. All research using minors required Parental Consent as well as Child Assent and require review of the full IRB at a convened meeting.