Master of Science in
Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability

The sustainability-related job forecast for aviation and aerospace is positioned for growth over the next several decades. With those industries operating on a global scale, an in-depth understanding of industries as business entities needing to stay viable while still needing to find solutions in regards to conservation is needed to sustain as well as advance operations. The Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability will provide a collaborative learning environment rich with opportunities to challenge current thought processes, work in autonomous or group settings and connect with diverse populations across the world.

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About Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Master of Science in Aviation and Aerospace Sustainability degree program is designed to teach students with knowledge and comprehensive decision-making skills to act as forward-thinking managers of aviation and aerospace industry programs.

In the program, aviation and aerospace sustainability is examined from two perspectives: that of aviation and aerospace industries as business entities needing to remain viable and as value-added partners in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for conservation or renewability of the world’s resources.

Graduates of the program can use their education to achieve careers such as:

  • aviation planning manager
  • environmental, health & safety manager
  • aerospace engineer
  • aviation consultant
  • regulatory specialist
  • aviation logistics and supply chain manager

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36 Credits

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