Living on Campus: Five Tips for Freshmen

Third-year Resident Assistant (RA) Wilson Tadena (’22) shares advice for incoming freshmen to help make the first year living on campus a success.

Students enjoy recreational lounges, dining areas, a fitness center and more – all within walking distance.
Students enjoy recreational lounges, dining areas, a fitness center and more – all within walking distance. (Photo: Connor McShane)

Hey there, future Eagles! My name is Wilson Tadena, and I’m a senior in the Aerospace Engineering program and an RA in the Thumb Butte Complex Suites (T2). As you prepare to settle into your new campus home here in Prescott, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Communicate with your roommate(s) prior to move-in day. If you’re nervous about moving into a whole new school with a whole new environment, don’t worry! Your roommate(s) are in the same boat, and communicating with them beforehand may relieve some of those nervous feelings. It is also a good way to figure out who is bringing/buying things for the room so you don’t double purchase things that will already be there.

Get to know your RA! They are there to help you when you have questions or concerns about anything. They are also a good resource to help you get connected with the campus in terms of learning more about different clubs and organizations.

Take advantage of the free tutoring that is offered within the residence halls. Tutoring services are offered almost every night, and a lot of the material covered is tailored to freshmen courses. You can either stop by during drop-in tutoring sessions or schedule regular meetings with a tutor.

Pack some clothing that can be considered business attire. At a university level, many professors encourage business attire, especially for courses that have presentations. Once a semester, the university hosts a career fair where many companies hire students for full-time positions and internships. Freshmen are encouraged to attend this event and business attire is required.

Attend the educational programs and socials that your RA hosts! It is a great way to get to know your RA and meet other people in your hall. It is also a fun way to relax and take a break from your homework.

More About Wilson

In addition to his responsibilities as an RA, Tadena is the assistant director for the Board of Campus Activities and a campus academic mentor for the College of Engineering. He is an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Eagle Aero Sport club. Tadena plans to start his master’s degree in Systems Engineering while working as a flight test engineer for the Boeing Company after graduation.