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Airlines are under constant pressure from governments, passengers, direct competitors and industry. Successfully managing operations in a high-risk, high-reliability and complex aviation environment requires not only mastery of business as it is done today but also a deep understanding of how the aviation business works.

The Master of Business Administration in Aviation (MBAA), offered jointly by Embry-Riddle and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), aims to prepare you to advance in the aviation business and pilot airlines through the multiple challenges they face with graduation possible in as little as 15 months.

IATA represents nearly 300 airlines comprising 83% of global air traffic, and its importance to the aviation industry is well-founded. Through this partnership, we are proud to offer a groundbreaking curriculum tailored to those seeking a career in airline management and taught through an unrivaled industry lens.

Program Details

Schedule: The program offers flexible start dates in August, October, January, March or May based on each student’s individual needs.  

Format: Courses are offered in a convenient, online setting that empowers you to learn when and where you want at a time that’s right for you. Airline Management courses (AIRM) will have synchronous sessions.

Cost: Courses for Airline Management (AIRM) are offered at $1,000 per credit hour. All other courses are priced at the standard rate. Students pay as they progress, billed by term. The total cost of the degree is estimated at $28,200 for military students and $32,064 for civilian students. For more information on cost of attendance, click here.

What You'll Learn

This 36-credit hour program applies modern business concepts, methods and tools specifically tailored to the demands of the aviation industry. The program combines a solid business foundation with a strong aviation focus, encompassing three key components:   

HRO Component
Focuses on the importance of creating high-reliability organizations (HROs) by teaching the fundamentals of risk, managing risk and creating resiliency.

Core Business Skills
Concentrates on core business activities and is structured based on input from the aviation industry to provide students with the skills necessary to advance their careers into managing functional departments.

Airline Management Certificate
Features a certificate in airline management to provide a comprehensive understanding of various airline business models and revenue management strategies.

Dr. Aaron Glassman, Associate Professor, College of Business


Aviation is complex and operates in an ever-changing, global environment. The High-Reliability Organization or HRO concepts of risk management, resilience and decision modeling found in the MBAA-Airline Management are unique and will add value and capability to any aviation organization. 
Dr. Aaron Glassman, Associate Professor, College of Business

Requirements & Courses

While an undergraduate degree is required for admission, the degree does not need to be in business. However, a short MBAA Preflight Orientation Course welcomes students to the degree program through interactive activities and provides the prerequisite knowledge needed to succeed in the program. Students must complete the orientation before taking their first MBAA course.  

This program offers various start dates in August, October, January, March or May term. Students should take at least 3 credit hours per term. The program can be completed in as few as six (6) terms (15 months), depending on the student’s schedule and goals.

Airline Management

Airline Management (AIRM) courses will each only be offered in one term a year. They are synchronous sessions generally held on Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST. 

  • AIRM 600 — October
  • AIRM 610 — January
  • AIRM 605 — March
  • AIRM 615 — May

The AIRM courses will have weekly synchronous sessions.

Contact your advisor for a degree map based on the term you start and how quickly you wish to complete the program.

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