Established in 2019, the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships provides holistic advising and support to currently enrolled Embry‑Riddle undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni applying for the nationally and internationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, and awards from our curated list of opportunities we believe meet the needs of our population. We inform the ERAU community about opportunities and work closely with faculty and staff to help identify and match our students’ talent to award criteria. We strive to teach our Eagles how to develop as strong candidates for fellowships and awards.

The ERAU Office of Prestigious Awards & Fellowships is a member of The National Association of Fellowship Advisors and adheres to the organization’s values and code of ethics in fellowship advising.

Our Vision for Student Success

The Office of Prestigious Awards & Fellowships aims to contribute to the overall success of ERAU students and alumni by offering value-added services of individualized coaching, group advising, and workshops designed to help students learn to:

  • Articulate, verbally and in writing, their academic and professional goals.
  • Define personal life experiences that shaped their professional journey as written personal statements.
  • Develop soft skills necessary for industry success.
  • Engage in co-curricular, interdisciplinary activities to promote holistic personal, academic, and professional development.

Whether or not you win a competitive scholarship or fellowship, the valuable skills listed above will be beneficial as you progress in your academic and professional journey

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Prestigious Awards and Fellowships

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