How Faculty Can Help

Our ERAU students and alumni are fantastic! They are doing incredible work in the classroom, in research labs, and in the community. Often, they don’t know how they can connect that work with the resources available through nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships, and awards. That’s where we come in. We serve as a resource, helping students learn about and prepare strong applications for these outstanding and life-changing opportunities. Your support and encouragement can help students realize their potential and take their work to a higher level.

As faculty, you can help your students by knowing what award opportunities are available through the Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships. Our ERNIE page lists all the opportunities for which we provide application assistance. If you think a student is a good fit for one of those awards, please encourage them to meet with us!

What We Do

The Office of Prestigious Awards and Fellowships supports Embry Riddle students and alumni seeking nationally competitive external awards that recognize:

  • Academic achievement
  • Global learning
  • Leadership
  • Research potential

Help Connect Students with Opportunities

Faculty are a crucial part of the process. You become familiar with students and alumni through having them in your classes, working with them on research projects, or as they participate in organizations you advise. You’re the ones alumni keep in touch with and update about what’s going on in their lives. Thus, you probably know the student/alumnus better than anyone else on campus! This puts you in a unique position to identify students and alumni who might be fellowships applicants. We ask that you do the following:

  • Encourage current students and alumni to explore our curated list of award opportunities found on this website and on our Awards and Fellowships ERNIE page
  • Fill out our online referral form to tell us about a student/alumnus we should contact
  • Follow us on Instagram and share our stories with your students.

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