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Embry-Riddle partners with the largest aerospace, security, and defense companies leading our industry today, including NASA, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Diamond Aircraft.

Our corporate and government partnerships establish connections that help students secure impressive internships and co-ops and assist in developing solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s aeronautical, aerospace, and security problems.

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About Corporate Engagement

Since our founding in 1926, the goal at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has been to educate aviators and related professionals. We strive to build a stronger industry through research and to connect our resources with the needs of business.

The Office of Corporate Engagement can help you find and hire our brightest, most motivated students and alumni. We also facilitate growth and innovation through research, product development, and professional education.

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Embry-Riddle Connects You To:

Professional Education & Development
Career Services
Research & Development
Global Academic Partnerships

Government Relations

Government Relations implements a comprehensive and proactive program of federal, state, and local government relations advocacy and action to support the university's vision, mission, and strategic goals to increase Embry-Riddle’s preeminence in aviation and aerospace.

Giving to Embry-Riddle

Giving to Embry-Riddle

There are many reasons to support the Embry-Riddle community but it all comes down to one in particular. When you invest in our students, you’ll encourage change that will impact your organization and our industry.

Embry-Riddle Crowdfunding is a platform for the university community to raise funds for strategic student projects and initiatives.