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Bachelor of Science in
Business Analytics

The field of analytics is rapidly growing and now is the time to embrace the data revolution with a Business Analytics bachelor's degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

The Business Analytics program offers students a unique opportunity to bring data-driven decision making to all facets of an organization to solve complex business problems. Students will learn hands-on analytical skills from data collection and analysis to complex analytics to building dashboards and infographics.

Program faculty have both academic and practitioner backgrounds in cross-platform analytics and have consulted for airlines, solved complex transportation problems, and beyond.

Courses in the Business Analytics degree program are application-oriented, build on each other, and will prepare graduates for work in a host of different settings.


About Business Analytics at the Asia Campus

Whether you are an entry- or mid-level manager looking to improve organizational outcomes, have dreams of becoming an analyst or improving your analytical skills, or simply want to enhance your own data literacy, the Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (BSBA) program at Embry-Riddle's Asia Campus is the perfect place to start.

This program consists of four major areas of study:

  • Sourcing Data
  • Database and Data Manipulation
  • Statistics and Computation
  • Output and Visualization

Unlike other programs that may have a data science or computer science focus, this business analytics program has a substantial business focus with the goal of driving optimal business outcomes and strategy using hands-on activities, the latest in analytics and visualization software, and relevant thought-provoking case studies. 

This is not just number crunching but solving real-world business problems.

In addition to the four major areas of study, the concepts of data ethics and effective communication are woven throughout the program.

The BSBA program is well connected to industry and industry needs and has been reviewed by numerous well-known industry partners. Representatives from PWC, CohnReznick, The Boeing Company, SAS, Dark Cubed, and more have provided feedback on the content, flow, and job preparedness of this program.* The final Capstone course will allow students to solve a real-world industry problem and the Capstone can even be used as a skills showcase for future employment or promotion. 

Businesses today compete on data and managers must have an enhanced data literacy; more so now than ever before. The BSBA program meets this industry need and prepares students to embrace evidence-based management, data-driven decision making, as well as solve complex business problems using business analytics.

*Feedback has been provided by members of the College of Business Dean’s Council, ERAU Worldwide Industry Advisory Board as well as alumni working in well-known aerospace, IT, and business corporations.   

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Data Taming: Business Analysts Provide Solutions through Data Analysis

Embry-Riddle’s Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree prepares students to solve real-world business problems and focuses on sourcing data, database and data manipulation, statistics and computation, and output and visualization. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically report on business analysts. However, the agency does anticipate the demand for management analysts, a similar occupation, will grow by 14 percent before 2026 with an estimated median pay of $83,610.