M.S. in Project Management

Master of Science in
Project Management

This program is designed to position graduates to lead large, complex projects and equips them to operationalize project management systems and policies in organizations.

Project management is a core competency to the most successful global organizations. Project managers are the highly skilled professionals who ‘make it happen’!

Through 2027, the project management-oriented labor force in seven project-oriented sectors is expected to grow by 33 percent, or nearly 22 million new jobs, according to a report by PMI®.

The Master of Science in Project Management’s (MSPM) mission is to develop professionals who not only manage projects and programs but can develop and operationalize project management systems and policies in organizations.

The Project Management master's degree program prepares its graduates to leave the program with the skills needed to excel in the profession, including:

  • Documentation & Planning: Graduates will be prepared to: create strategic plans and reviews; prepare comprehensive project plans; oversee project requirements, quality assurance, and customer service standards; and implement change as necessary
  • Analytics Expertise: Graduates will be prepared to: meet financial objectives; prepare budgets and schedules; forecast resource requirements; perform an in-depth risk analysis; analyze variances; and initiate corrective action if necessary
  • Problem Solvers & Decision Makers: Graduates will be prepared to apply quantitative methods to make decisions within a dynamic and complex environment.
  • Advanced Skills: Graduates will be prepared to use current project management and analytics tools to plan, lead, manage, and monitor and control project execution.

The master's degree in Project Management was developed entirely by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs)®, and the program has been accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs. Degree programs achieving accreditation must demonstrate rigorous global standards of accreditation, which include an assessment of each program’s objectives and outcomes, faculty and student evaluations, onsite and online resources, annual self-evaluation, and proof of continuous improvements in the area of project management education. GAC accreditation ensures the quality of academic degree programs and their graduates in order to meet the standards of the rapidly growing field of project management.


About Project Management at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The master's degree in Project Management curriculum is designed to position graduates to lead large, complex projects or to assume a role in the Program Management Office ready to operationalize project management systems. The most successful project manager is well versed in the technical soft skills of communication and team leadership, very equipped in the hard skills of quantitative analysis to solve project problems, and poised to communicate complex issues to a host of project stakeholders to drive decision making. Project Management courses are designed so that upon completion, students will achieve the following academic outcomes:

  1. Develop and execute projects through all phases of the lifecycle using appropriate ethical and methodological practices.
  2. Evaluate and deploy advanced project decision-making techniques to balance cost, schedule, scope, quality, and risks to achieve project objectives.
  3. Evaluate and apply behavioral and communications skills to engage the project stakeholder community.
  4. Operationalize the critical business processes of project management in the development and implementation of strategy and competitive advantage.

The Project Management master's program relies heavily on use of current Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) software and other common-use software for word processing, presentation, and computation. While the use of some of these PMIS programs will be the subject of learning exercises within the program, the successful student will be expected to show proficient skill in word processing, spreadsheet usage, and presentation graphics

The program culminates with a capstone that’s both unique and exciting. The capstone course provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate command of project management principles and techniques within a setting designed to feature events and situations common within real-world complex projects. Students will apply project management mastery by showcasing the skills and abilities developed throughout the Project Management program. This degree doesn't just give you an understanding of projects – it gives you the skills needed to lead projects.

All of Embry-Riddle's project management faculty are Project Management Professionals (PMP)® and can provide you with academic and career counseling. They’re also a great resource to students who plan to pursue their PMP certification. That faculty expertise provides students with a dynamic educational experience that translates to the business world.

PMI GAC SealThe Master of Science in Project Management program is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). For further information please visit the Global Accreditation Center Project Management Institute website.

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PMI and PMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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