Master of Science in Leadership

Master of Science in

With experienced faculty to guide them, students develop the skills that make them effective leaders and help position them as valued decision-makers for tomorrow.

Being a strong leader means more than just having a willingness to take on a project or organization. Today’s workforce requires skills and techniques that involve critical thinking, strategy, and communication. Embry-Riddle Worldwide offers an M.S. in Leadership degree program that prepares students to be mindful, passionate leaders who make a difference.

The M.S. in Leadership degree program at ERAU has an excellent reputation. Through a unique blend of leadership theory and concepts, core knowledge, skills and competencies, and tools and techniques, the program prepares students to lead with confidence.

With students from different locations and backgrounds, the M.S. in Leadership program at Embry-Riddle Worldwide promotes diversity and teaches effective leadership techniques for use in global business and operations.

With ERAU’s online educational opportunities and a network of education facilities designed to support student advancement in the U.S. and abroad, students have the flexibility to learn at a campus near them or even in their own home.


About Leadership at the Worldwide & Online Campus

Many companies may look the same from the outside. But on the inside, there are dramatic differences in culture and performance. And where it all begins is with strong leadership. Great leaders develop high-performing teams that consistently outperform the competition. Good leadership is not a fluke. Good leaders are systematically developed. 

The M.S. in Leadership program at ERAU’s Worldwide & Online Campus helps students develop the skills, knowledge, and competencies that make effective leaders who stand out. Not only will their studies prepare them for today’s most challenging leadership roles, graduates will also be positioned as valued decision-makers of tomorrow.

Taught by faculty members who have terminal degrees and are experts in the field. Representing a wide variety of academic disciplines, they’ve demonstrated a range of university/college-level teaching experience and history of leadership in academia and the private or public sectors.

ERAU’s Worldwide & Online Campus is designed to accommodate students who need to stay close to home to pursue a degree. Students can take this entire program online and complete course work as it fits into their schedules.

Worldwide & Online Campus students benefit from being part of the ERAU family and are granted access to expert faculty, fellow students, and alumni with whom they can share experiences and network.

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