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This innovative program meets the growing need for communications professionals who also have the skills to explain complex science and technology concepts.

Embry-Riddle offers a unique Bachelor of Science in Communication program that answers the demand for those who can integrate science and technology with solid communication fundamentals.

ERAU’s B.S. in Communication program offers focus and expertise to position the graduate for broad career opportunities in many areas of communication, emphasizing writing skills, creative thinking, and technology.

Students can tailor their degree to what most interests them, choosing from a long list of minor courses of study.

The B.S. in Communication program teaches aviation, aerospace, and technical vocabulary while fine-tuning reading and writing skills – all to help foster a technological perspective. This perspective prepares graduates for a career with traditional media or in corporate communication, aviation communication, or technical journalism.

Beyond the fundamentals of communication, students learn how scientists think, how research questions are framed, and how various methodologies are used to pursue scientific goals.

ERAU has an active radio station, a campus-wide TV station, an award-winning student newspaper, and an active public relations department where students can acquire hands-on experience.


About Communication at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The art of delivering information continues to evolve with each new medium, creating new opportunities across virtually every industry. Skilled communicators who can analyze complex information and deliver effective messages in print and digital formats are in demand from the newsroom to the boardroom. ERAU has focused its B.S. in Communication online degree on the specific needs of technical and science-minded students who want to gain the valuable knowledge not offered in a general communication degree program.

Choosing this degree can provide students with an advantage in understanding how to interpret, analyze, and report on technological and scientific topics across all types of media.

The B.S. in Communication degree can help prepare students — either entering college for the first time or working professionals seeking to enhance marketability — for a tomorrow steeped in technology, where media-rich communication will bring information to life in new ways.

ERAU Worldwide’s online programs enable students to take advantage of a flexible course structure and to learn when and where it’s convenient for them.

The program’s goals are to help students:

  • Gain a strong foundation in the basic concepts of communicating in today’s technology-centric world.
  • Become practiced in scientific and technical communication for aviation, aerospace, environmental science, and other technology-based industries.
  • Analyze research techniques and the principles of scientific inquiry.
  • Get hands-on experience with visual design, photography, news writing, and reporting.
  • Explore new media communications including social media, blogging, website content, and more.
  • Evaluate the laws, ethics, cultural, and societal aspects of mass communication.

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120 Credits

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