Human Factors Psychology bachelor degree

Bachelor of Science in
Human Factors Psychology

Designed for students who want to create processes that maximize human performance and safety, this degree prepares graduates for a wide range of career pursuits.

The Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Psychology (also called engineering psychology, user experience design, ergonomics or cognitive engineering) at Embry-Riddle is designed for students who want to create and improve products, equipment, machines and environments (including virtual) to complement human capabilities and maximize performance and safety.

Because the field of human factors is necessary for successful product and system design, graduates may join a wide range of industries. Embry-Riddle works closely with the aviation/aerospace industry. Thus, many of our graduates launch their careers within these areas, but the career opportunities don’t stop there and include positions in tech companies (e.g., META, Apple; Microsoft), healthcare, government organizations, the financial industry (banks, insurance, etc.) and more!

At Embry-Riddle, students benefit from an environment where they can develop and test their skills as they learn. Many advances in technology that have entered mainstream society have come from aviation and aerospace, where human factors play a key role.

The Department of Homeland Security has designated human factors psychology a STEM degree program.