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Bachelor of Science in
Human Factors Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Human Factors Psychology at Embry-Riddle is designed for students who want to create and improve products, equipment, machines and environments (including virtual) to complement human capabilities and maximize performance and safety. Because the field of human factors is vital to successful product and system design, there is great diversity among the industries in which human factors professionals establish their careers. Embry-Riddle is closely associated with the aviation/aerospace industry, and many of our graduates launch their careers within these industries. Other career paths include employment within tech organizations, such as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, top gaming organizations and health care.

The technological aspect of nearly all the programs at Embry-Riddle puts students in an environment where they can develop and test the skills they learn. Many advances that have entered mainstream society have come from aviation and aerospace, where human factors hold a key role.

Students are educated in content and techniques of human factors research, including statistical and quantitative procedures, experimental design, survey methods, computer techniques and other research methodologies.

The Department of Homeland Security has designated human factors psychology a STEM degree program.