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Master of Science in
Human Factors

Today’s rapid technological progression demands an in-depth understanding of how systems and people operate together, with an emphasis on minimizing human error in order to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

Embry-Riddle’s Human Factors graduate and post-graduate programs prepare its students to ensure that human-centered concerns, both psychological and physiological, are given due consideration during the design and development processes of systems, products, and work environments.

Students will combine learned psychological principles and engineering fundamentals to maximize interaction of humans with machines, as well as human performance issues. Graduates emerge from the program ready for a career in research, analysis, or design.

The Master of Science in Human Factors offered at Daytona Beach offers a distinct focus on the aviation/aerospace industry, while the Master of Science in Human Factors offered at Worldwide Online gives students the option to focus on a Research or Specialist Cognate.


About Human Factors at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The science of Human Factors is driving the growth of industries that depend on how humans interact with technology. The Master of Science in Human Factors is an online program tailored to working professionals who want to better understand the interrelationship between human performance and technology. The degree is focused on application, development, and leadership in a wide variety of industries concerned with human performance, system design and safety. 

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide created the Master's degree in Human Factors degree in response to the challenges of better leveraging humans and machines in the global workforce. The goal is to produce graduates who can lead industries in identifying trends, analyzing requirements, developing strategies, recommending solutions, and recognizing opportunities for innovation in this field.

The Master's program in Human Factors offered by Embry-Riddle is designed for post-bachelor’s professionals who are working as system operators/designers/developers, engineers, researchers, pilots and maintainers, applications experts, industry leaders, organizational managers, and more.

Students have the opportunity to pursue either a Research or Specialist Cognate to tailor the learning experience to their specific needs. Along either cognate, students can expect to study: the way humans perceive and think about the world around them; human performance limitations and errors; virtual, robotic, and simulation environments and the human experience; and the impact of ergonomics, biomechanics, and anthropometrics on human effectiveness.

Offered completely online, this program allows students to network with fellow professionals from around the world, as well as with highly skilled faculty members with decades of practical experience.

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30 Specialist Credits or 33 Research Credits

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