Bachelor of Science in
Aeronautical Science

More than a half-million pilot jobs will open up worldwide over the next 19 years, according to a report by Boeing*. The Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from ERAU prepares graduates to fill these upcoming positions by combining a four-year technical degree with flight training.

In today's airlines, one in four pilots is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University graduate. Entering the aviation job market with a degree from Embry-Riddle will ensure you are considered for the top jobs in the industry.

The program emphasizes the following skill sets in the education of its pilots:

  • Leadership ability as demanded by today's leading aviation companies
  • Decision-making aptitude to accurately and quickly assess situations and manage risk — skills that serve you well not just professionally, but in all aspects of life
  • Knowledge of effective resource management, human factors, and safety awareness that can be applied to many endeavors

The program includes an FAA-approved ATP-CTP course.

Students can start flying right away at ERAU and with pleasant weather year-round, we can provide optimum flight conditions.

This is the largest degree program for professional pilots in the world. Embry-Riddle has the largest civilian flight training fleet in the United States, based on enrollment figures and fleet size.

The academic portion of the curriculum includes aeronautics, aerodynamics, flight physiology including high altitude training, and more.

The Aeronautical Science program is accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).

* Read more about Boeing’s predictions in the article “Demand unprecedented for pilots and technicians” on the company’s website.


About Aeronautical Science at the Daytona Beach, FL Campus

At the Daytona Beach Campus, the B.S. in Aeronautical Science degree program blends flight training with academic study to provide a firm foundation in airlines, corporate and commercial aviation, or military aviation. The curriculum includes FAA certification as a multi-engine, instrument-rated commercial pilot. Our fleet includes Diamond DA42s, Cessna 172s, Piper Arrows, and a Super Decathlon for upset training. Students also get to learn about and fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Housed in the Department of Aeronautical Science in the College of Aviation, this program helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using computer simulations while becoming skilled in mathematics, physics, communication, business, and aeronautics in order to prepare them for a career as a professional pilot.

Select one of three specializations: Airline Pilot, Commercial Pilot, or Military Pilot.

All students must complete the General Education courses, Aeronautical Science core courses, Flight core courses, and the courses required to complete one specialization.

At the Daytona Beach Campus, students can earn a high-quality, industry-known, four-year degree and their flight ratings simultaneously.

ERAU’s Daytona Beach Campus maintains a modern fleet of aircraft and a host of advanced flight simulation devices with advanced visual systems.

The Campus is adjacent to the Daytona Beach International Airport and the NextGen Test Bed, and is also close to NASA and Kennedy Space Center.

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