Aviation Outlook

Presented by Embry-Riddle’s Deans of Aviation

From aviation and aerospace industry leaders, to the Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Administrator of the FAA, key players in unmanned aerial systems and technical experts helping launch rockets into space, Aviation Outlook webinars let you watch and ask questions of a range of accomplished and inspiring guests. These free webinars, scheduled every two to four weeks, are open to all and use an online format that allows for audience participation regardless of location via Zoom.

Presented by the Deans of Embry-Riddle’s three Aviation Colleges, each webinar will provide the most recent and relevant industry information for prospective and current students, alumni and friends.

In these hour-long events, our guests will share insights and ideas gleaned from navigating the current pandemic, as well as their visions for the future. Speakers will also discuss their own career paths and the exciting options that the aviation industry is still primed to offer.

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Past Presenters

  • Mike Wiggins, Embry-Riddle Professor of Aeronautical Science, and Ivan Grau, Chief Flight Instructor - Webinar Recap
  • Bonny Simi, Head of Air Operations and People at Joby Aviation - Webinar Recap
  • Erik Lindbergh, Executive Chairman of VerdeGo Aero - Webinar Recap
  • Jared Isaacman, Mission Commander of Inspiration4 - Webinar Recap
  • Steve Nordlund, Vice President of Boeing’s Phantom Works - Webinar Recap
  • Yvette Rose, Senior Vice President for the Cargo Airline Association - Webinar Recap
  • Ted Christie, President & CEO, Spirit Airlines - Webinar Recap 
  • Peter Cerdá, Regional Vice President in the Americas, International Air Transport Association (IATA) - Webinar Recap
  • Women's Network Panel, Representing Urban Air Mobility, the Airline Industry, Aviation Advocacy & Safety and Academia - Webinar Recap
  • Kim Becker, President/CEO of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority - Webinar Recap
  • Alyse Adkins, Captain, UPS and Michael Dee, Captain, Republic Airways - Webinar Recap
  • Ben Baldanza, Former CEO, Spirit Airlines - Webinar Recap
  • Robert Sumwalt, NTSB Chair - Webinar Recap
  • Kathy Rice, Launch Weather Officer, Kennedy Space Center, and Dillon Rice, Launch Conductor, United Launch Alliance - Webinar Recap
  • Joseph Marshall, Zipline Flight Operations Director - Webinar Recap
  • Steve Dickson, FAA Administrator - Webinar Recap
  • P. Barry Butler, Ph.D., President, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Webinar Recap
  • C. Jeffrey Knittel, Chairman and CEO, Airbus Americas, Inc.