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Bachelor of Science in
Forensic Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Psychology at Embry-Riddle emphasizes the application of psychological research and experimentation in cognitive and social psychology to the legal arena. Forensic psychology students are well-prepared to enter careers in psychology or various related fields within court systems, law enforcement agencies, government security agencies, aviation, and law firms, and pursue postgraduate study in master-level and doctoral programs.

Embry-Riddle’s Forensic Psychology program brings together many current Embry-Riddle strengths in areas such as applied psychology, social/behavioral research, and the forensics sciences.

The program is one of only a handful of Forensic Psychology bachelor programs in the nation and is one of only a few programs in psychology in which courses are taught by faculty (not graduate students or TAs), with small classes and extensive hands-on activities.

Additionally, forensic psychology students have opportunities to work in the Forensic Science Laboratory, which offers space to learn forensic science techniques and investigations as it applies to criminal and civil cases.

Students in Forensic Psychology have opportunities to mentor juvenile offenders and volunteer in the local civil/criminal justice system, conduct hands-on research, pursue professional networking and development, and present their research at national scientific conferences. Psych Club (open to all majors) is one of the fastest growing student clubs on campus, and provides additional social and professional opportunities for students.


About Forensic Psychology at the Prescott, AZ Campus

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Forensic Psychology program receive a broad foundation in math, sciences, and research methods achieved through lab experience as well as coursework in psychological statistics and research methodology.

Psychological training focuses the student on the development of the behavioral and social sciences and the role that they play in understanding and predicting human behavior. Students combine their psychological training with a solid foundation in forensic science and the U.S. legal system.

Courses in Sensation, Perception & Cognition, Personality & Profiling, Deceptions, Training & Development, and more give students a strong foundation in the science of psychology. Students also cover test and measurement theory as they apply to the development of surveys and other behavioral measurement instruments that rely on scientific and mathematical protocols.

The Bachelor of Science in Forensic Psychology degree is housed in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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