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Graduate Certificate in
Systems Engineering

This certificate offers an excellent opportunity to gain a better understanding of today’s complex systems, how they work and how to manage when they don’t.

In today’s complex world, individuals who can effectively apply Systems Engineering are in high demand across many industries; those who fill these roles can often rise through the ranks of an organization at an accelerated rate compared to their domain-focused engineering and management counterparts. A Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering is an excellent opportunity for students wishing to gain the heightened understanding necessitated by increasingly complex systems.


About Systems Engineering at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Systems Engineering Certificate is designed for students who are pursuing education related to systems engineering and will: apply systems thinking tools to engineering and operational problems; employ systems engineering tools to different types of systems throughout their lifecycle; interpret stakeholder requirements for use in

system analysis and design; and perform quantitative analysis techniques to systems engineering problems.

The Systems Engineering certification is open only to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Engineering Management degree program.


12 Credits

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