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Master of Science in
Engineering Management

The American Society of Engineering Education, the National Science Foundation, and businesses around the world agree: There simply are not enough qualified engineering and technical managers to meet the needs of the future.

The mission of the Engineering Management graduate program is to prepare students with an already established career in engineering, math, physical science, or computer science to transition into a managerial role within a technical environment. 

The Engineering Management master's degree is a multidisciplinary program with a core that includes both technical and management focuses. Students choose from an extensive range of specializations including a track unique to Embry-Riddle — Aviation/Aerospace.

Although engineering and its management is known to take place in ongoing operations, much of engineering work is carried out within temporary, unique, and complex activities such as product development and system design and implementation. Such endeavors are defined as projects and it is for this reason the master's degree in Engineering Management includes a Project Management specialization.

The mission of the Engineering Management Project Management specialization is to develop project managers who are skilled in leading STEM professionals to produce specialized technical deliverables.

Courses are taught by expert faculty members who are proven leaders with many firsthand experiences to share with students.

Throughout the program, students are introduced to a number of professional organizations like the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and the American Society for Engineering Management.


About Engineering Management at the Worldwide & Online Campus

Approximately 77 percent of Engineering and Technical Management leaders report increased job satisfaction through meaningful work. Graduates of the master's degree in Engineering Management can do meaningful work in aerospace, aviation, manufacturing, computers, technical services, and other industries.

Project management specialization courses are designed so that upon completion, students will achieve the following academic outcomes:

  1. Perform generally accepted project management techniques to plan and execute technical projects.
  2. Apply analytical tools for problem solving and effective project decision making.
  3. Apply ethical behavior and communications skills within the project team environment.
  4. Analyze project metrics for the purpose reporting and control of technical projects.

The Engineering Management master's program -- available as one of Embry-Riddle's online degree programs -- relies heavily on use of current Management Information Systems (MIS) software and other common-use software for word processing, presentation, and computation. While the use of some of these MIS programs will be the subject of learning exercises within the program, the successful student will be expected to show proficient skill in word processing, spreadsheet usage, and presentation graphics.

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36 Credits

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