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Airline Network Planning and Scheduling

Ahmed Abdelghany

This is a concise yet comprehensive resource summarizes best practices, decision modeling and problem solving to improve airline network planning and scheduling.

Modeling Applications in the Airline Industry

Ahmed Abdelghany

This airline management guide addresses planning and operations using real-world examples of applied methodology and solutions.

Fundamentals of Airline Marketing

Scott Ambrose and Blaise Waguespack

With a focus on commercial passenger air transportation, this text explores how airline decision-making is evolving to meet the needs of the marketplace. The target audience is aviation business undergraduates and frontline airline employees who want to learn more about marketing.

Flight Theory And Aerodynamics

Joseph Badick

This practical operational safety guide is a valuable resource for pilots with limited engineering experience. It clearly explains the mechanics behind standard operational tasks.

The Making of Sacagawea: A Euro-American Legend

Donna J. Kessler

This exploration of the Sacagawea legend offers historic perspective, biography and a consideration of why the legend endures.

Critical Teaching Behaviors: Defining, Documenting, and Discussing Good Teaching

Critical Teaching Behaviors: Defining, Documenting, and Discussing Good Teaching

Lauren Barbeau and Claudia A. Cornejo Happel

What does “good” teaching mean, and how can we know it when we see it? Perhaps you have grappled with these questions at some point in your career, either as an instructor wanting to document or grow your teaching effectiveness or as a peer or administrator trying to provide guidance to or assess the teaching of others. Critical Teaching Behaviors: Defining, Documenting, and Discussion Good Teaching serves three purposes: a condensed, evidence-based guide to effective teaching; a resource on creating a focused teaching narrative and teaching portfolio; and a toolkit that equips faculty to conduct peer observations, student midterm feedback, and productive conversations related to teaching.

Natural Convection from Circular Cylinders

Sandra K. Boetcher

An addition to the SpringerBriefs in Thermal Engineering and Applied Science series, this work provides a concise but thorough reference on heat transfer coefficient correlations and data from all types of cylinders: vertical, horizontal and inclined.

Introduction to Human Factors, Applying Psychology to Design

Nancy J. Stone, Alex Chaparro, Joseph R. Keebler, Barbara S. Chaparro, Daniel S. McConnell

This is a comprehensive, but accessible text that introduces students to the fields of human factors and ergonomics. The book is intended for undergraduate students, written from the psychological science perspective along with various pedagogical components that will enhance student comprehension and learning. This book is ideal for those introductory courses that wish to introduce students to the multifaceted areas of human factors and ergonomics along with practical knowledge the students can apply in their own lives.

Managing Logistics Systems: Planning and Analysis for a Successful Supply Chain

John M. Longshore and Angela L. Cheatham

This textbook introduces logistics from a broad perspective to include all activities throughout the product and service life cycle pertaining to supply chain and logistics management, the physical supply and distribution of products, and the corresponding maintenance and support. It recognizes the mutual interdependence of the major functional areas of the organization including marketing, production, and finance.

Quality Function Deployment and Systems Supportability: Achieving Key Performance Parameters and Ensuring Functional Alignment

John M. Longshore, Angela L. Cheatham, and Jim Gibson

This book not only presents the overall development of quality function deployment (QFD) and what it has been used for to date but a new product support orientation by which it can be employed. It is product and service “system” focused and presents how blending the processes and elements of supportability and analysis into a QFD-modeled methodology can achieve optimal cost savings and performance efficiency and effectiveness.

Real-Life Practice of Elementary Chinese: Dialogues for Beginners

Leeann Chen

This textbook offers a 20-lesson beginner’s course in Chinese for native English speakers with an emphasis on practical communication.

From Cubs to Jets- Essays from a life in the air

Joe Clark

This compilation of aviation-focused blogs covers all aspects of the joy of flying and touches on the history of aviation.

Airline Operations and Management

Gerald N. Cook

This tactical textbook integrates several management disciplines: operations, economics, marketing and finance. Material is geared to graduate students in airline operations.

21st Century Patton

J. Furman Daniel, III

This biography traces the intellectual development of General George S. Patton, an iconic warrior and military strategist.

The First Space War

J. Furman Daniel, III

How will an actual war in space differ from the Hollywood version? Who will the adversaries be and who will prevail? This non-fictional account goes 250 years into the future to suggest answers.

Patton - Battling with History

J. Furman Daniel, III

This thematic biography considers how his love and knowledge of military history shaped the career and contributions of General George S. Patton.

A Layman's Look at Questions Jesus Asked

S. V. (Steve) Dedmond

A Layman’s Look at Questions Jesus Asked is the second book in the Layman’s Look series and discusses a variety of questions Jesus asked a very diverse group of individuals. Those included the religious, the physically blind, the curious, His enemies and His disciples.

A Layman's Look at Questions God Asked

S. V. (Steve) Dedmond

A Layman’s Look at Questions God Ask is the third book in the Layman’s Look series and begins in the old testament book of Genesis and ends in Malachi. Those who were not exempt from Gods’ questioning included the first man Adam, a king, a reluctant evangelist and even Satan himself.

Boundary Element Methods for Heat Conduction: With Applications in Non-Homogeneous Media

Eduardo Divo

This book presents a boundary element method for heat conduction problems in non-homogeneous media. This approach is applicable to a variety of engineering field problems, including flow through porous non-homogenous media and elasticity in non-homogeneous media.

Introduction to Finite Element, Boundary Element, and Meshless Methods

Eduardo Divo

This guide explains three powerful numerical schemes that make up the universal method of weighted residuals. Each section delivers a detailed, stand-alone description.

Peronistas and New Dealers

Glenn Dorn

This work considers the rivalry between the United States and Argentina in the Western Hemisphere from 1946-1950.

The Truman Administration and Bolivia

Glenn Dorn

Did a desire for advantageous mineral rights lead to U.S. policies that contributed to economic conflict and revolution in Bolivia? This work explores priorities that may have undermined the Good Neighbor Policy that followed World War II.

Human Factors in Aviation and Aerospace - 3rd Edition - Elsevier


Fully updated and expanded version of the highly successful second edition of Human Factors in Aviation and Aerospace, this book is written for the widespread aviation community - students, engineers, scientists, pilots, managers, government personnel, etc.

From Development to Dictatorship: Bolivia and the Alliance for Progress in the Kennedy Era

Thomas Field

This history considers how Washington’s modernization efforts in the 1960s put Bolivia on a collision course with both rightwing and leftwing forces.

Minas, Balas Y Gringos

Thomas Field

This book examines Kennedy era foreign policy in Latin America and the intentions and worldviews that informed both U.S. and Latin American politicians.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics ... or Why Things Tend to Go Wrong and Seem to Get Worse

Robert Fleck

Using a minimum of mathematics, a number of qualitative and quantitative examples, and clear illustrations, the author explains the science of thermodynamics in its full historical context, focusing on the concepts of energy and its availability and transformation in thermodynamic processes. His ultimate aim is to gain a deep understanding of the second law—the increase of entropy—and its rather disheartening message of a universe descending inexorably into chaos and disorder. It also examines the connection between the second law and why things go wrong in our daily lives.

Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

Mark A. Friend and James P. Kohn

An excellent introductory reference for both students and professionals, this completely updated eighth edition of Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health provides practical information on technology, management, and regulatory compliance issues, covering crucial topics like organizing, staffing, directing, and evaluating occupational safety programs and procedures. The book includes a handy directory of resources such as safety and health associations, First Responder organizations, and state and federal agencies.

Text Book of Space Tourism Second Edition

Robert Goehlich

This second-edition textbook touches on advanced space tourism topics including the interrelationships between operators, passengers and the public.

Introduction to Flight Testing

James W. Gregory

Provides an introduction to the basic flight-testing methods employed on general aviation aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Particular emphasis on the use of modern on-board instruments and inexpensive, portable devices that make flight testing accessible to nearly any student.

Sensual Austerity and Moral Leadership: Cross-Cultural Perspectives from Plato, Confucius, and Gandhi on Building a Peaceful Society

Richard Grego and Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra

This book examines the link between sensual austerity and moral leadership — a topic largely neglected in contemporary academic scholarship and public policy — by exploring the comparative cross-cultural perspectives of Plato, Confucius, and Gandhi, on this theme. Despite the diverse cultural contexts that gave rise to their respective philosophical perspectives, they shared similar views on what might constitute a universal and perennial basis for individual moral development in any harmonious political order.

A First Course in Laboratory Optics

 Andri M. Gretarsson

An optics experiment is the product of intricate planning and imagination, best learned through practice. Bringing forth the creative side of experimental physics through optics, this book introduces its readers to the fundamentals of optical design through seven key experiments. The book includes several topics to support readers preparing to enter industrial or academic research laboratories. Optical sources, model testing and fitting, noise, geometric optics, optical processes such as diffraction, interference, polarization, and optical cavities, are just some of the key topics included. Coding tutorials are provided in the book and online to further develop readers' experience with design and experimental analysis. This guide is an invaluable introduction to the creative and explorative world of laboratory optics.

Proxy War: The Least Bad Option

Tyrone L. Groh

Through ten case studies, this examination considers the effectiveness and risks related to indirect intervention in international conflicts through proxy warfare. The author offers a theoretical model for effective proxy war that apply to a wide range of situations.

Aircraft Leasing and Financing, Tools for Success in International Aircraft Acquisition and Management

Vitaly Guzhva

This guide offers both industry professionals and students insight into aviation law and regulation, maintenance reserves, insurance, transaction cost modeling, risk management and fuel hedging.

Harnessing the Power of Analytics

Leila Halawi, Amal Clarke, Kelly George

Highlighting the difference between analytics and data science, the authors use predictive analytic techniques to analyze different historical data. The book combines the conceptual perspective and a hands-on approach to predictive analytics using SAS VIYA, an analytic and data management platform. The authors use SAS VIYA to focus on analytics to solve problems, highlight how analytics is applied in the airline and business environment, and compare several different modeling techniques.

Applying Predictive Analytics

Leila Halawi and Richard McCarthey

This practical guide focuses on analytics and several different modeling techniques. Case studies demonstrate how businesses build and apply complex analytics models.

Laura and Grandpa, Discovering DaVinci, Book 1

Robert Krupp

Children ages seven and up will learn a little art, science, history and vocabulary as they explore the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci in this read-aloud book.

Laura and Grandpa, Discovering Science Together, Book Three

Robert Krupp

During a kindergarten graduation celebration for my granddaughter Laura, I had a thought. I decided the two of us would go on a trip together -a wonderful, exciting, adventurous journey. Unlike a typical vacation trip, we set out to "visit" the amazing world of science, to wander about the experience the beauty and marvels of our Universe. Along the way Austin, Laura's cousin, my grandson, joined us on our stroll through the Cosmos. Come join us! It's informative, interactive, and intriguing!

Keeping U.S. Intelligence Effective

William Lahneman

This volume on U.S. security focuses on how intelligence professionals must prepare to identify and counter emerging threats and the revolution needed to sharpen perspectives and priorities.

The Remarkable Kinship of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Ellen Glasgow

Ashley Lear

A long correspondence between two pioneers of American literature documents a great literary friendship and a shared commitment to social activism.

Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics

J. Gordon Leishman

This guide from the Cambridge Aerospace Series covers aerodynamic principles and operation, including advanced topics such as airfoil flows, dynamic stall and rotor wakes.

The Helicopter: Thinking Forward, Looking Back

J. Gordon Leishman

This overview covers the evolution of rotorcraft in clear and detailed descriptions that touch on aerodynamics, acoustics and aeromechanical research.

Introduction to Aerospace Flight Vehicles

J. Gordon Leishman

This eBook provides a comprehensive introduction to aerospace engineering, covering various topics in an interactive and engaging format. It uses evidence-based teaching practices such as scaffolded learning to help students and other interested individuals understand and apply the material to multiple problems. The eBook includes detailed text and illustrations, worked examples, self-assessment quizzes, and opportunities for further discussion in and out of the classroom. Hyperlinks to additional resources are also provided for those who want to explore the topics further. The eBook concludes with many worked examples and application problems to reinforce the covered technical concepts.

Technology That Tutors

Cheryl Lentz

This book highlights seven ways to create and share blogs as teaching tools to connect with university students.

Welcome Home

Cheryl Lentz

Thinking of adding a Siberian Husky to the family? This rescue handbook shares 11 tips to help your Siberian rescue thrive as part of a new pack.

No Flight is Complete Until the Paperwork is Done

Jim Mackay

This booklet is designed to provide a reference to simplify the process of logging pilot time. The maze of federal aviation regulations relating to logging flight time can often be confusing. But understanding the regulations, and logging your pilot time accurately, will increase the value of your aviation experience.

Fundamentals of Sustainable Aviation

Eva Maleviti

Fundamentals of Sustainable Aviation is the first textbook to survey the critical field of sustainability within the aviation industry. Taking a systems thinking approach, it presents the foundational principles of sustainability and methodically applies them to different aviation sectors. Opening with the basics of sustainability, emphasizing the Sustainable Development Goals, the book then considers the environmental, economic and social dimensions of aviation.

Transition, Turbulence, and Noise: Theory and Applications for Scientists and Engineers

Reda Mankbadi

This addition to the Springer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science covers theory and applications of issues related to turbulence for scientists and engineers.

Executing Global Projects

James Marion

This practical guide helps managers identify the complexity of global projects and succeed in addressing a diversity of languages, culture and world views.

Project Management: A Common Sense Guide to the PMBOK, Part Two - Framework & Schedule

Marion James

This book clarifies the differences between plans and schedules, takes the project manager through the process of plan development, and finally, points the way toward successful project execution.

How to Fail at Change Management

James Marion

This critical look at failed attempts at change management offers insights into how to recognize flawed ideas and pitfalls in their execution.

Project-Led Strategic Management

James Marion

This book offers a project management framework to advance strategic management that are reinforced by case studies that bring concepts to life.

Project Management: A Common Sense Guide to the PMBOK, Part One - Framework & Schedule

James Marion

This guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge is a roadmap of 47 processes that delivers a “big picture” resource to layman who wants to understand frameworks and schedules.

Managing Projects With PMBOK 7

James Marion

The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), published by the Project Management Institute, provides a roadmap of performance domains designed to support project managers in all phases of project management.

Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Oakland McCulloch

Common sense principles every current and aspiring leader can use. Experiences from the author’s childhood and adult careers frame the leadership legacy he has personally passed down to countless others.

Advantages of Believing

M.B. McLatchey

Experiences as a young scholar in America, England and France inspired this poetry collection by M.B. McLatchey, award-winning poet.

Great Works of Ancient Greece: Homer, Socrates, Plate, Aristotle

M.B. McLatchey

The author offers carefully selected translations from the epics of the Warrior Age of heroes to the teachings of great thinkers in the Golden Age of Athens.

The Lame God

M.B. McLatchey

In this award-winning debut poetry collection, M.B. McLatchey explores the bond between art and empathy and shares the anguish of a parent in the face of a horrific crime. McLatchey is the poet laureate of Volusia County (Florida).

Primary Sources - Great Works of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Middle Ages

M.B. McLatchey

Original voices from the past and significant readings from the modern era help readers examine enduring social, political and cultural questions.

Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication and Repair, Aviation Supplies & Academics

Greg Mellema

This introductory text covers advanced composite technology, including fundamentals of fiber and matrix selection, molding methods, curing, tooling, testing and non-destructive inspection.

Flying Machines Over Pensacola: An Early Aviation History 1909-1929

Leo Murphy

Discover the role of Pensacola in early aviation, from first flight in 1911, barnstormers and flying circuses and the creation of Naval Air Station Pensacola, Annapolis of the Air.

Nonlinear Wave and Plasma Structures in the Auroral and Subauroral Geospace

Evgeny V. Mishin and Anatoly V. Streltsov

Nonlinear Wave and Plasma Structures in the Auroral and Subauroral Geospace presents a comprehensive examination of the self-consistent processes leading to multiscale electromagnetic and plasma structures in the magnetosphere and ionosphere near the plasmapause, particularly in the auroral and subauroral geospace. It utilizes simulations and a large number of relevant in situ measurements conducted by the most recent satellite missions, as well as ground-based optical and radar observations to verify the conclusions and analysis.

From Cropduster to Airline Captain: The Biography of Captain LeRoy Brown

Leo Murphy

Follow the five-decade career of FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot LeRoy Brown, from the controls of a Waco 10 crop duster to the captain’s seat with Pan American World Airways.

Hagler Field : History of Pensacola's Airport

Leo Murphy

This history features photos, diagrams and documents tracing the development of commercial and military aviation in Pensacola and developments in the air transportation industry.

Lost in Heaven

Leo Murphy

This chronicle captures the achievements of 1st Lieutenant James R. Polkinghorne, Jr., who earned his U.S. Army Air force pilots wings as one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. He disappeared in a combat mission in a P-39 Airacobra over Italy.

Disrupting Pathways to Genocide

E.H. Murray

This work examines how people become radicalized to the extent they endorse genocide. Examples include the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust and political upheaval in Yugoslavia.

Environmental Security

E.H. Murray

This work argues that traditional nation-state security must now extend to address environmental factors such as energy, water and food supply, which may require more than military protection.

Drones Across America: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Regulation and State Laws

Sarah Nilsson

This book delivers a detailed overview of federal and state regulations for drone operation and describes best practices for operation of unmanned aircraft systems in different airspaces.

Theory and Applications of Aerodynamics for Ground Vehicles

Yomi Obidi

This introduction to ground vehicle aerodynamics provides design insights that will lead to better fuel efficiency, improved performance and increased passenger comfort. It also addresses highway safety issues with an impact on design decisions.

Thermal Management in Automotive Applications 

Yomi Obidi

An efficient thermal management system is critical to emissions reduction and fuel economy. This work explores design options and material solutions to create more efficient engines.

City in a Forest

Ginger Pinholster

In this contemporary novel, two women fight to stop a developer from destroying an urban oasis that is part of their personal histories and at the heart of African-American history in Atlanta.

Snakes of St. Augustine

Ginger Pinholster

A love story served up with a large side of Florida weirdness, Snakes of St. Augustine follows a woman’s quest to save her troubled brother, Gethin, and her magical, maddening entanglement with an equally complicated man named Jazz. A police officer’s quest to find three stolen snakes puts everyone on a dangerous collision course, raising questions about the power of compassion and the importance of community.

The Doctor Who Franchise: American Influence, Fan Culture and Spinoffs

Lynnette Porter

This work explores the influence of the American fan base on the Doctor Who franchise, a sci-fi institution in the U.K. for 50 years.

Tarnished Heroes, Charming Villains, and Modern Monsters: Science Fiction in Shades of Gray on 21st Century Television

Lynnette Porter

This work explores the ambiguous heroism featured in Battlestar Galactica, Caprcia, Dr. Who, Torchwood and Joss Whedon’s work, in which characters may become more like villains to save society.

Van Gogh in Popular Culture

Lynnette Porter

How much of our appreciation of Van Gogh is based on myth rather than his creativity, craftsmanship and collaboration? Who was the real Van Gogh, as artist and individual?

A Year in the Life of a Dead Woman - Living with Terminal Cancer

Lynnette Porter

How do you navigate mortality with an expiration date in mind? A terminal diagnosis and an irreverent attitude drive this guide to life, which deconstructs preconceptions about cancer, shaped by popular culture.

Organization Development

Rothwell William

To effectively adapt and thrive in today’s business world, organizations need to implement effective organizational development (OD) interventions to improve performance and effectiveness at the individual, group, and organizational levels. OD interventions involve people, trust, support, shared power, conflict resolution, and stakeholders’ participation, just to name a few.

The Supervisor's Guide to Human Relations and Communication

Michael Santonino

Discover practical suggestions to support supervisors meet the challenge of leading and leveraging talent and optimizing productivity.

The Accidental Free Society: A Historical and Modern Worldview of Dictators, Democracies, Terrors, and Utopias

Michael Schober

This historical exploration addresses lessons learned from dictatorships throughout the world and poses the question: What is required of us to safeguard democracy and human rights for future generations?

Space Radiation and Astronaut Safety

Erik Seedhouse

This text explores biological effects of long-term radiation on astronauts in deep space. It addresses biomedical consequences of exposure to space radiation as well as technology with the potential to protect astronauts.

SpaceX: Making Commercial Spaceflight a Reality

Erik Seedhouse

This account covers extraordinary feats of engineering going back to 2002, as well as ongoing efforts to increase the safety and reliability of launch vehicles that will drive space exploration and commercialization.

SpaceX's Dragon: America's Next Generation Spacecraft

Erik Seedhouse

Learn more about the spacecraft that may ultimately transport humans to Mars. This work covers design and development of and provides insight into Dragon’s first six commercial resupply missions.

The Loadpull Method of RF and Microwave Power Amplifier Design

John Sevic

An industry expert shares successful RF power amplifier design methods relevant to HF to millimeter-wave bands, discrete or integrated, and high-power applications.

Getting Started with Drones and Model Airplanes

Patrick Sherman

Written for a beginning remote pilot, Getting Started with Drones and Model Airplanes will help you understand how these marvelous machines work and how to fly them safely. Explaining complex subjects in simple language with pictures and diagrams that make them easy to understand, the author will guide you through buying a drone or model airplane, registering your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration, completing the testing and certification process, and learning how to safely operate your aircraft in and around the busiest and most complex airspace in the world.

Aircraft Materials and Analysis

Tariq Siddiqui

This practical resource delivers a comprehensive consideration of aircraft design, manufacturing and maintenance. Questions at the end of each chapter reinforce the material.

Aviation Maintenance Management

Tariq Siddiqui

This reference work incorporates industry standards, FAA regulations and best practices to explain how to establish and maintain safety-conscious, efficient, cost-effective aviation maintenance programs.

Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems: With Linux and RTOS

Sam Siewert

This graduate-level electrical engineering and computer science text addresses fundamental theory and industry best practices for the design of embedded components and systems.

Safety Management Systems in Aviation

Alan J. Stolzer

This practical guide provides commentaries on safety management systems (SMS), a history of related FAA initiatives, data-driven studies, SMS in flight schools and effective measurement.

Safety Management Systems in Aviation, 3rd edition

Alan J. Stolzer, Robert L. Sumwalt, John J. Goglia

Safety Management Systems in Aviation presents the quality management underpinnings of SMS. The four components that must be designed into proactive safety are: Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.

Including coverage on the cultures of regulatory organizations and expanded coverage on culture assessment, the book considers the nexus between cultural maturity and safety management performance. This third edition features new coverage of international requirements and implications for harmonization across international boundaries. In addition, the book includes new chapters and sections, examples, a hypothetical airline-oriented safety scenario, and case studies to enhance and reinforce student understanding.

Overcoming: The Inspiring Story of America’s Newly Freed Slaves, Our Other Greatest Generation

Thomas Tacker

This story traces both the success stories of newly freed people and their impressive progress in achieving literacy and economic stability in the face of political and cultural oppression.

An Introduction to the Spaceport Industry

Janet Tinoco and Chunyan Yu

This contemporary look at spaceports addresses technological drivers, legal perspective, airspace use and the impact on aviation stakeholders. It discusses the economic, business and environmental considerations for airports transitioning to spaceports.

Software Engineering Practice: A Case Study Approach

Massood Towhidnejad

This series of case studies and exercises engages students in realistic activities related to the theory and practice of software engineering by a collaborative team of engineers. These case studies can be used by small groups to promote collaboration and team building.

Data Science and Machine Learning for Non-Programmers: Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Data Science and Machine Learning for Non-Programmers: Using SAS Enterprise Miner

Dothang Truong

As data continues to grow exponentially, knowledge of data science and machine learning has become more crucial than ever. Machine learning has grown exponentially; however, the abundance of resources can be overwhelming, making it challenging for new learners. This book aims to address this disparity and cater to learners from various non-technical fields, enabling them to utilize machine learning effectively. Adopting a hands-on approach, readers are guided through practical implementations using real datasets and SAS Enterprise Miner, a user-friendly data mining software that requires no programming.

Engineering Economics for Aviation and Aerospace

Bijan Vasigh and Javad Gorjidooz

This reference work provides tools and techniques to evaluate the economic aspects of aviation design solutions. It offers engineers a fundamental guide to understanding cost structure, cash flows and financial analysis of alternative solutions.

Foundations of Airline Finance: Methodology and Practice

Bijan Vasigh

This thorough introduction to aviation finance is a valuable resource as a general financial text or as reading in specialized airline finance classes.

Introduction to Air Transport Economics : From Theory to Applications

Bijan Vasigh

This theory and applications-oriented text provides a comprehensive overview of the economics of the aviation industry, including macroeconomics for managers and analysis of modern revenue management and pricing decisions.

Aircraft Valuation

Bijan Vasigh

Provides a guide to aircraft financing for managers and practitioners Presents methods and tools applicable for a variety of aircraft valuation situations Incorporates a modern approach to financial investment decision-making

Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants

Charles E. Otis and Peter A. Vosbury

This book was written to provide ab initio as well as advanced instruction on the operation and maintaining of aircraft gas turbine engines, or what most people refer to as jet engines. It covers everything from the history of aircraft jet propulsion to the theory and physics concepts the engines operate under, to the complexity of all the engine systems like lubrication, fuel metering, starting and ignition, and countless others. In addition to meeting the needs of aviation maintenance technicians, the book is also a valuable resource for professional pilots when they are learning about the operation of aircraft gas turbine engines.

Aircraft Systems for Professional Pilots

Peter A. Vosbury and William A. Kohlruss

This book was written to provide students who are learning how to fly airplanes a complete understanding of how all the aircraft systems operate. The book is a valuable resource for anyone that flies airplanes, but its main focus is on the training of professional pilots that want to fly for the airlines, or corporate aviation, or be a military pilot. All aircraft systems are covered, like electrical, hydraulic/pneumatic, pressurization and air conditioning, fuel supply, in addition to the entire propulsion system (piston engines, turbine engines and propellers).

Nonlinear MIMO Communication Channels

Ahmed Iyanda Sulyman

MIMO systems using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas are by now well studied. Several axes of these schemes have been explored with the underlying MIMO channel assumed linear. However, when high-power amplifiers (HPA) operating near their peak efficiency operating points are employed in the communication chain, non-linear distortions are introduced in the transmitted signals, and the resulting MIMO channel will be non-linear. This book examines the performance degradations caused by HPA nonlinearity in MIMO systems, using space-time codes and MIMO-beamforming systems as case studies. The book then highlights some HPA nonlinearity compensation techniques suitable for MIMO systems.

Aircraft Accident Analysis: Final Reports

James M. Walters and Robert L. Sumwalt III

Fascinating and factual accounts of the world’s most recent and compelling crashes. As industry insiders, trained aviation accident investigators, and commercial airline pilots, the authors offer eye-opening, lesson-filled, expert analyses of notable and recent aircraft accidents.

Transportation Principles: From Modes to Management

Transportation Principles: From Modes to Management

Robert O. Walton

This book covers the five modes of freight transportation and their management. Starting with an introduction to freight transportation and policy, then into the five modes of transportation (Motor Carriers, Railroad, Air Transportation, Water Carriers, and Pipeline). The intermodal and management operations are explained. The different types of outsourced logistics providers are covered along with transportation risk management.

Introduction to Aviation Psychology

Introduction to Aviation Psychology

Robert Walton

An Introduction to Aviation Psychology covers basic introductory psychology topics with specific applications to the aviation industry. It is a student-friendly text suitable for undergraduate or introductory-level master’s courses in aviation psychology.

Introduction to Process of Research, Methodology Considerations

Introduction to Process of Research, Methodology Considerations

Robert Walton

This book takes a step-by-step look at the overall research process and an in-depth look at quantitative and qualitative methods.

 Predicting Financial Distress in the All-Cargo Airline Industry

Predicting Financial Distress in the All-Cargo Airline Industry

Robert Walton

All-cargo airlines carry over 50% of global airfreight, yet they are prone to bankruptcy. Many financial models are designed to predict a firm’s financial health, but they do not assess many nonstatistical factors that influence the prediction capability of these models.

 Aerospace Industry Report, Facts, Figures & Outlook for the Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Aerospace Industry Report, Facts, Figures & Outlook for the Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Robert Walton

This book is meant to be an authoritative report on the state of the aerospace industry in the United States. Now in its fourth edition, the Aerospace Industry Report is an all-encompassing sourcebook designed to help aviation business leaders, operations and policymakers make more informed decisions

Statistics and Research Methodology, a Gentle Conversation

Statistics and Research Methodology, a Gentle Conversation

Robert Walton

A Gentle Conversation, Third Edition, is meant to be a student-friendly introduction to research methodology and statistics, aimed at allaying students’ fears and anxieties about studying these topics.

World War II, Monuments of Luxembourg- Dedicated to US Forces

World War II, Monuments of Luxembourg- Dedicated to US Forces

Robert Walton

This book is dedicated to the men and women of Luxembourg who lost their lives during World War II and to the valiant U.S. and Allied Forces who fought and died to liberate Europe from the Axis powers – let you never be forgotten.

Toxic Leadership, Research, and Cases

Daryl Watkins

Toxic Leadership: Research and Cases engages the reader with research and stories on toxic leadership. The case studies emerged from a decade of qualitative research into the followers of toxic leaders.

The What If Factor, Living Beyond the Question Mark

James Michael Williams, DBA

In this thought-provoking book, individuals learn how to embrace the power of self-reflection, resilience, and action to overcome doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Through engaging stories and practical advice, individuals are challenged to face their giants, step outside their comfort zone, and embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Pioneers of Hell

Alvin Ray Yount

At Desoto High School, in Arcadia Florida, Hugh White and his friend Gene Gordon constructed a full-scale electronic version of the Old Testament’s “Ark of the Covenant.” Their replica, perhaps with the aid of the electrical storm, sent out a message received in a distant universe over twenty light years away.

Systems Security Certified Practitioner- An ISC Certification - 5th Edition

Mike Wills

This guide will help information security professionals and cybersecurity students to pass the Information Security Conference (ISC) exam and enter the information security workforce with confidence.

Iranian Proxy Groups in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen: A Principal-Agent Comparative Analysis

Diane M. Zorri

In this roadmap for the special operations community, the authors examine Iran’s use of proxy forces in the Middle East. Their analysis clarifies aspects of conflicts between Russia, China and the United States, short of armed conflict.