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In the era of big data and groundbreaking AI technologies, both business magnates and academic pioneers are navigating uncharted waters. While visionary leaders are striving to predict ever-changing customer demands, educational champions are crafting cutting-edge curricula to rapidly adapt to the industry’s shifting needs. Yet a stark reality confronts many enterprises in the aviation and space sector: limited access to critical data, constrained R&D budgets and a pressing scarcity of data analytics talent. This often leaves them playing catch-up. It's undeniable — the success of the future aviation and space sectors hinges on effective data analytics. Aviation & Space Data Analytics (ASDA) extends three aspects of values to our sponsors: we help our sponsors to train and recruit a skilled workforce; delegate pre-competitive research as a contractor for our sponsors; and facilitate conversations between thought leaders from aviation and space industries, governmental agencies, and academics.


What We Do

  • Conduct pre-competitive research on data model characterization, utility-based classification and
  • Develop next-generation, big data-enabled AI systems, services and applications to promote aviation efficiency and sustainability.
  • Train future workforce from K-12 to Ph.D. with data analytics and aviation and space science competencies using personalized education and an industrial apprenticeship.

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