Courses Offered

Embry-Riddle is a global leader in professional education and training in aviation and aerospace safety. We offer courses in person at our campuses in Florida, Arizona, Germany, and Singapore, as well as fully online through our Worldwide campus. 

Courses include Safety Management Systems, Risk Management and Hazard Identification, Advanced Aircraft Accident Investigation, and System Safety Engineering and Certification, among many others. For a full listing of professional education courses, please see our Professional Education solutions.

Custom Training

Embry-Riddle’s expertise in aviation and aerospace safety can be leveraged to provide custom training for specific needs. We provide tailored safety training covering a wide variety of topics. For further information, please see our Custom Training solutions.

Non-Academic Certificates

For professionals seeking a broad understanding of safety, risk management, and accident investigation, Embry-Riddle offers the following non-academic certificate programs, available in-person at our Daytona Beach campus or fully online.

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