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Aircraft Replacement Strategy

PI Massoud Bazargan

The analyses of this study attempts to address:

  • How the cost data relevant to this study, such as aircraft market values, lease prices, operations and maintenance costs were compiled and analyzed as the airlines do not or cannot provide them.
  • Identify aircraft replacement strategies for the airlines and explore their differences according to their business models.
  • Compare and contrast the recommended and current aircraft replacement strategies for the airlines.
  • Identify decisions with respect to lease and/or buy for the airlines and how sensitive these strategies are to changes to aircraft values and lease prices.
  • Explore future fleet diversity for the airlines and how sensitive these strategies are to their existing and on-order fleet.
  • How the fixed costs pertaining to aircraft buy and/or lease compare and contrast with variable costs such as operations and maintenance over the planning horizon.

Research Dates

01/01/2011 to 01/01/2020


  • Massoud  Bazargan
    Office of Professional Education
    Ph.D., University of New South Wales

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