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Cbud Computing for Meteorology Education


PI Curtis James

Weather analysis and forecasting require both critical thinking and three-dimensional spatial analysis skills to apply complex theory to the diagnosis of atmospheric processes from multiple environmental variables in a variety of formats.

Existing websites used by meteorology students to visualize atmospheric fields are not designed to facilitate synthesis of weather information because they offer a limited menu of “standard” meteorological displays without pedagogical intent or clear reference to theoretical underpinnings. Thus, there exists a significant opportunity to enhance online weather visualization tools in the context of meteorology education. This project seeks to create a virtual online LINUX server using a cloud service provider for 4D weather analysis and visualization in real time. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's (UCAR's) Unidata will configure the server using the Local Data Manager (LDM), a prototype installation of AWIPS II standalone EDEX server and CAVE client, and a RAMADDA server. Other meteorological tools will be configured for real-time use by National Weather Service meteorologists and the Department of Meteorology. All of these software packages will be accessible from any computer or mobile device using a web browser, and will support the Department's new focus in Emergency Response Meteorology practices and applications.

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Dr. Curtis James

Associate Professor


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Research Dates

09/01/2014 to 09/01/2025


  • Curtis James
    Applied Aviation Sciences Department
    Ph.D., University of Washington-Seattle Campus
    B.S., University of Arizona

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