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Bachelor of Science in
Applied Biology

Students learn the foundations of biological science in this program, preparing them to pursue a diverse range of career paths in aviation, aerospace and beyond.

The B.S. in Applied Biology will provide students with foundational knowledge across the biological sciences, while also allowing them freedom to design their upper-level coursework to suit their particular interests in a diversity of career paths, from the human health sciences and pre-med to careers in natural resources management and those that align with our niche in aerospace and aviation.

The dynamic nature of this program, with 20 hours of open electives, also encourages students to explore possible concentrations such as health science, ecology, wildlife science, or forensic biology along with a minor in unmanned aerial systems, psychology, accounting, cyber intelligence and security, finance or any other minor offered by the university that has 18 credit hours that do not overlap with the degree requirements of their major.

Students can choose either a biology or chemistry capstone project, which they can tailor to their focal point. If they choose, they can use this project to do research with faculty as well as develop their own research. Some options for research with faculty include: drug design and discovery, computational autodocking studies, DNA research, wildlife and airport risk research.

Graduates of this degree program will have the background and technical skills necessary to apply for admission to graduate/medical school, professional health sciences programs, or entry-level jobs across many biological sub-disciplines, such as the human health sciences, genetics, microbiology or ecology.

Graduates from ERAU have worked at NASA and some have been astronauts. There is excellent potential for future graduates of Applied Biology to also pursue a career at NASA. Other institutions graduates can expect to be hired by include laboratories, pharmacies, educational institutions, government offices, airports, zoos, national parks or forest services, private companies and more.


About Applied Biology at the Prescott, AZ Campus

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology, housed within the Department of Biology and Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences, provides students with an expert education in the multi-faceted field of biology. Students preparing for futures in human health, genetics, microbiology, or ecology will have a foundational knowledge in biological science, and will also have the opportunity to explore their particular interests in upper-level coursework designed by you and guided by our experienced faculty.

Arizona is an ideal natural laboratory, as it is the third most biodiverse state, with ecosystems ranging from Sonoran Desert lowlands outside of Phoenix to high mountain alpine forests outside of Flagstaff. In Prescott, we are in close proximity to many iconic natural areas, including the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park and Sedona’s red rock country.

Our state of the art laboratories set our biology degree program apart from those at other universities. Our labs are equipped with professional grade scientific technology that is integrated into nearly every course. The instrumental analysis lab which is equipped with Bench-top NMR (80 MHz), FT-IR, UV-VIS, and GC-MS, and ensures that our students will be trained to use this equipment and will graduate with not only theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills but also with the ability to practice science in the lab, field, or examination room.

Classroom size is kept small, which provides more opportunities for interaction and mentoring by our expert faculty. For those that wish to go to medical school or secure a job in the health science post-graduation, there are many medical centers where they could possibly do their capstone project, including the regional hospital in Prescott, Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC).

Students are encouraged to participate in any of our campus' nearly 200 clubs and organizations, such as the Eagle Chemistry Club, which are student-led and give occasion for students to develop leadership skills. 

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