Embry-Riddle’s online Business Analytics degree program graduates in fields such as business management to grow by 14 percent before 2026 with an estimated median pay of $83,610.

Bachelor of Science in
Business Analytics

Crafted in conjunction with industry leaders, this program teaches the use and analysis of data to solve real-world business problems and drive optimal outcomes.

Organizations are generating volumes of data that could be used to solve problems, generate insight and mitigate risk if it is properly analyzed. This program is grounded in the concepts of Evidence-Based Management and seeks to provide data-driven answers to today's organizational questions.

Students will learn how to source, manipulate, and analyze data as well as generate insightful results, all within an ethical framework. These results will include infographics, visualizations and executive reports suitable for a business audience.

With the analytics field rapidly growing, now is the time to embrace the data revolution with a bachelor's degree in Business Analytics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the demand for analysts in fields such as business management to grow by 11% before 2032 with an estimated median pay of $93,000.

Embry-Riddle’s online Business Analytics degree program offers students a unique opportunity to bring data-driven decision making to all facets of an organization to solve complex business problems. Students will learn hands-on analytical skills from data collection and analysis to complex analytics to building dashboards and infographics.

Program faculty have academic and practitioner backgrounds in cross-platform analytics and have consulted for airlines, solved complex transportation problems, and beyond.

Courses in the Business Analytics online degree are application-oriented, build on each other and prepare graduates to work in a range of different settings.


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