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Graduate Certificate in

This 12-credit online program teaches students to evaluate financial assets, apply strategies and use analytical techniques to chart an informed financial course.

Today’s financial landscape is complex, driven by technology, and combines elements of art and science. To succeed, financial professionals must be armed with the latest skills.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s graduate certificate program in Finance gives working professionals and students pursuing a career in

any financial arena the practical knowledge they need to make good financial decisions for themselves, their clients, or their companies.

Completing this comprehensive program provides the framework to build a career in areas that include money management, accounting, and financial advice.


About Finance at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Finance certificate is a 12-credit online program that covers evaluating financial assets, applying strategies, and using analytical techniques to chart an intelligent and informed financial course.

Students in the program will learn about international finance, financial engineering as it relates to futures and options, along with investments and advanced corporate finance. You will acquire the tools needed to

make a difference as financial professional, no matter which career avenue you choose to pursue.

To start this program, students must first complete MBAA 518, which focuses on theoretical and practical approaches to effective financial management.


12 Credits

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