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Graduate Certificate in
Human Resources

Aimed at developing skills that enhance careers in the field, this program encompasses the latest in HR policies and procedures and explores talent retention initiatives.

Managing, motivating, and retaining top talent are key concerns in today’s fast-moving business world, and the roles of human resource professionals are more vital than ever.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s graduate certificate program in Human Resources gives those looking to pursue a career or boost

their skills in human resources management a strong framework for future growth and advancement.

This comprehensive program provides you with leading-edge skills that encompass the latest in policies and procedures, in addition to exploring the growing role of technology in hiring and talent retention.


About Human Resources at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Human Resources certificate is a 12-credit online program that gives an analytical overview of human resources management as it relates to compensation, benefits, management, talent development, and workforce planning.

As part of the program, you will be introduced to critical human resources issues that impact companies large and small around the world, and also be taught how to use job analysis tools for strategic planning.

Completing this comprehensive program prepares you to take advantage of the growing opportunities in this evolving field, which include working in human resources management, as a recruiting or benefits specialist, or in training and talent development, among other career paths.


12 Credits

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