Futuristic global connections around the earth planet. Based on imagery from NASA.

Graduate Certificate in
International Business

In this 12-credit online program, students explore all aspects of global business and analyze the factors that influence global strategy and help lead to success.

From finance and marketing, to supply chains and service models, the future of business is global — and that means huge demand for professionals who understand how the worldwide economy functions.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s graduate certificate program in International Business will prepare you for business on a grand scale,

giving you leading-edge skills in analyzing and implementing strategies that are crucial for companies with worldwide operations.

Earning this certificate ensures that you’re ready to take advantage of all the emerging opportunities in today’s global business environment.


About International Business at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The International Business Certificate is a 12-credit online program that explores all aspects of business conducted on the worldwide stage.

You will be taught how to analyze the factors that influence global strategy, along with understanding the internal and external elements that are key to succeeding in the international marketplace.

The program also will cover key facets of marketing in the global arena, how international financing functions, and what it takes to build logistical and supply chain networks that work anywhere the world.

To begin this program, students must first complete MBAA 514, Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation; MBAA 518, Managerial Finance; and MBAA 604, International Business Administration. 


12 Credits

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