ISTAT Certificate

Certificate in

Designed for those with business or transportation degrees, this program prepares them for careers in aircraft financing, leasing or with other ISTAT member industries.

College students from across the globe now have access to an International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) University certificate program in aviation finance and leasing. There are two methods to earn the certificate: via the Worldwide/Online Campus or on the Daytona Beach Campus via residential courses.

The courses cover aviation finance topics such as aircraft leasing and funding, lease negotiation, risk management, aviation legal framework, transaction modeling and maintenance reserves.

The ISTAT certificate is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in business, accounting, finance or economics, or related transportation fields of study, and are looking for a

rewarding and challenging career in the aircraft financing, leasing and other ISTAT member industries.

ISTAT University prepares students for internships as well as long-term career opportunities by providing an overview of the many facets of the aviation finance and leasing industries and exposes them to real-world concepts and methodologies.

The ISTAT certificate is a partnership certificate and will be issued by ISTAT and not Embry-Riddle.