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Graduate Certificate in

Teaching effective leadership techniques is the goal of this 12-credit online program, which uses real-world case studies to show what management methods work and why.

If you’re ready to lead, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s graduate certificate program in Leadership prepares you to motivate and inspire others by bolstering your own communication, decision making, and critical thinking skills.

In this comprehensive program, you will elevate your leadership

abilities using a blend of theory, tools, techniques, and practical applications.

There is a critical difference between managing and leading, and earning this certificate will help you become the kind of standout leader who empowers those around them to become better.


About Leadership at the Worldwide & Online Campus

The Leadership Certificate is a 12-credit online program that explores effective leadership techniques that can be applied to almost any setting.

You’ll explore operational leadership, communication, and how to adapt your leadership style to new and complex environments. Through study of real-world cases, you’ll learn about what works, why

it works, and how successful strategies can be implemented in different organizational situations.

The program also covers how to lead diverse groups by understanding social and cultural norms, a vital area as globalization continues its rapid growth.


12 Credits

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